January 2018

A Margaret Thatcher Statue in Parliament Square?

The Model President and Model Party

Intersectionality is a Hole to Bury Capitalism In

Sanders and the Empire

Obesity is a Serious Threat to Children’s Health

Separate But Equal Is/Isn’t an Option in Northern Ireland

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Weather Terrorism, W.T.F.?

Why Trump’s Support Is Slipping

The True State of the Union: A House Divided, Enslaved & Mired in the Mistakes of the Past

The Intensification of Syria’s Civil War

Defense of Land Speculators in Ecuador Unmasks Lenin Moreno

Chris Hedges Sums Up Our Collective Predicament and the Solution

The My Lai Massacre: Fifty Years Later

Early Reviews of Trump Tax Cut are Not Good: Capital Goods Orders Fall in December

Being Cowed: A Disorienting Unity

Using Immigrants to Shame America Blacks

Groko or No Groko?

Two Minutes to Doomsday

Poli-Sci  and the Propagation  of “Promontory Views”  of Reality

NY Times Delivers Weekend Scoop: Trump Did Not Fire Mueller in June

As Toronto’s Homelessness Crisis Deepens, Advocates Raise Alarm Over Missing People, Dead Bodies

Governing by Scapegoat

From Moral Outrage to Moral Panic: the Limits of Public Rage

Iran’s Environmental Problems are an Opportunity for Regeneration

Leaked Trump Infrastructure Plan is a Blueprint for Corporate Subsidies

Ending Pollution Requires a Change in Attitudes

Feminist Progress is Not Linear

Inside the Dead Zone

Washington Widens the War in Syria by Provoking Turkey

Hué Back When: the Bloodbath in Vietnam Was Us

Approaching the Apocalypse, the Doomsday Clock Moves Forward

As Class Conflict Sharpens in Iran

Edward Abbey A Voice in the Wilderness

Chocolate Bunnies, Slave Labor, and Water Theft: The Horrible Nestle Story

Meet the CIA: Guns, Drugs and Money

Kushner and China: Where Money Talks

The Upsurge of Bitcoin and the Rise of New Civic Power

Global Capitalism and Livelihoods Denied: Whipping India’s Farmers into Submission

Let Me Be Frank: Francesco Serpico, A Genuine Actor

Is This the Bear Ears’ Final Battle?

Toward the Reunion of the Two Koreas

Novak Djokovic, Tennis and Player’s Unions

Pope Franscis’s Chilean Betrayal

Into Africa: Lost on the ANC Road to Soweto

Wyoming Thugs Greenlight Grizzly Bear Trophy Hunts

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Trump’s Offshore Drilling Plan