July 2016

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Horror and Sorrow in Germany

Regionalism, Ethnicity, and Trifurcation: All in the Name of National Integration

The Good TPP

Letter to US Government Officials Concerning Recent Events in Turkey

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Hillary’s Strategy: Snub Liberal Democrats, Move Right to Nab Anti-Trump Republicans

Doubling Down on Wall Street: Hillary and Tim Kaine

Bernie Delegates Take on Bernie Sanders

Resurgent Mexico

Letter to a Bernie Activist

Erdogan is Strengthened by the Failed Coup, But Turkey is the Loser

The Hypocrisies of Terror Talk

Purloined Platitudes and Bipartisan Bunk: An Adjunct’s View

The Futility of Collective Punishment: Russia, Doping and WADA

Cryptography as Democratic Weapon Against Demagoguery

The Real Donald Trump

The UK’s Propaganda Machinery and State Surveillance of Muslim Children

Australia: Election Time Blues for Clones

Killing With Robots Increases Militarization of Police

RNC War Party, DNC War Makers

The US Role in the Israeli-Palestine Conflict

Imran Khan’s Faustian Bargain

Kaine the Weepy Executioner

Devastating Rhythm