Philippe Marlière

Philippe Marlière is a Professor of French and European Politics at University College London (UK). Twitter: @PhMarliere

Challenging the French Republic’s Color-Blindness

France: The Yellow Vests’ Missed Opportunity

“Throw Them All Out!” The Yellow Vests Uprising in France

Emmanuel Macron’s Neoliberal Blitzkrieg

The Neoliberal or the Fascist? What Should French Progressives Do?

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Benoît Hamon, the Socialist Presidential Hopeful, is Good News for the French Left

Immigration: Marine Le Pen Sets the Political Agenda in France

The Political Disintegration of France: Hollande’s Anti-Terrorist Policy in Tatters After Nice

Class Struggle at Air France

The Political Crisis in France

The Travails of Sarkozy

France, the New Bastion of Euroscepticism

Electoral Blowback From France’s Austerity Policies

The Spectre of Populism

The French Left Strikes Back

Lies, Fraud and Austerity

The French Left in a Minefield

Francois Hollande, the Austere Socialist

François Hollande, France’s Tony Blair?

Sarkozy’s Hard Right Tactics Backfired

Farewell Sarkozy

The Left Radicalism of Jean-Luc Mélenchon

Sarkozy’s Austerity Package for France

The IMF After Strauss-Kahn

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