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Archives from November 2002
A Modest Proposal
The dedicated efforts of the Bush administration to take control of Iraq–by war, military coup or some other means–have elicited various analyses of the guiding motives. Offering one interpretation, Anatol Lieven, senior associate of the Carnegi...
Why Bush Wants to Destroy Saddam
Why does the Bush administration want to go to war against Iraq? There are at least five reasons that people in the United States, and other countries too, should be debating. (In addition to these five, three other reasons are worth mentioning whose importance is ...
US Aid to Israel, Feeding the Cuckoo
Since Sept. 11, Americans have thought of themselves as the target of terrorists, emanating mainly from the Middle East. It may thus surprise them to learn that their own actions are in large part responsible for their problems and resentment in the Middle East. I...
A Tribute to Paul Wellstone
The memorial service for Senator Wellstone, his wife Sheila and daughter Marcia at the Washington Hebrew Congregation in Washington, DC on November 13, 2002 was a fitting and diverse tribute from their two sons, Mark and David, Senatorial colleagues, staff and fri...
Sharon’s Last Option
Here’s Professor Martin van Creveld, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel’s most prominent military historian, talking on Austraian TV with Jennifer Byrne. Byrne: How has it come to this, Martin… how is it that the mighty Israeli ...
In Memory of Vincent Canby (1922-2000) Man With the Movie Camera,...
Scoring the US / Iraq War
Now that the police believe they have in custody the Suburban Sniper, George W. Bush can once again try to get the people to focus on his message that as many as 24 million Iraqis need to be wiped off the earth in order to destroy Saddam Hussein and avenge the unc...
The Burning Sails of Baghdad
The United States with the support of the UN Security Council has pushed Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein into a corner. Even his Arab brothers are now calling on the President of Iraq to give up his defiance of American demands to disarm. By all accounts, the Iraqi le...
Mannahatta (A Tale of Two Cities)
And Eastward bound was I. Away, away from Riverside and crossing Central Park to Xanadu did Donald Trump a stately pleasure dome decree. Away, away from mongrel hordes. Away from the Museum of Dead Things and Hayden’s belly full of stars. Ghosts of Indians b...
Europe Versus America
Although I have visited England dozens of times, I have never spent more than one or two weeks at a single stretch. This year, for the first time, I am in residence for almost two months at Cambridge University, where I am the guest of a college and giving a serie...
The Ironies of History
Hegel would have loved it. The nineteenth century German philosopher who taught us to beware the ironies of history would have felt vindicated. As the United States marches blindly to war, intent on demolishing an enemy that may have already vanquished it, Hegel w...
The Did the UN Violate Its Own Rules in the Iraq Resolution?
On November 8, the U.N. Security Council voted 15-0 vote in favor of Resolution 1441, which concerns Iraq. Through its passage of the Resolution, the Security Council indirectly supported the U.S.’s threat to go to war against Saddam Hussein. Some par...
An Open Letter to the NCWO on the Augusta Golf Club Campaign
Dear NCWO, I am a self-employed consultant and free-lance writer who lives 20 miles from Augusta, GA in Aiken, SC. I have also worked for non-profit environmental and social justice activist groups for about 6 years. I have followed your campaign to pressur...
Transfer’s Real Nightmare
As these words are being written, Khirbet Yanun still exists. Or maybe not: 15 of the 25 families that lived in the village are still there. This is not an insignificant number: If the reader recalls, on October 18 only two old men remained there, having refused t...
The Political Theology of Tom Delay
Tarif Abboushi
The most recent definition of crimes against humanity under customary international law is contained in Article 7(1) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. It includes the following acts, among others, when committed as part of a widespread or sy...
Into the Bush Imperium
Either the corporate polltakers are lying, or there’s something terribly wrong with the American people. According to a recent survey conducted by USA Today/CNN/Gallup, 54% of Americans think the Democrats are too liberal; 57% think Democrats are weak...
The Political Theology of Tom Delay
Tarif Abboushi
The most recent definition of crimes against humanity under customary international law is contained in Article 7(1) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court. It includes the following acts, among others, when committed as part of a widespread or sy...
Frontier Justice from Teddy Roosevelt to GW Bush
“Warlike intervention by civilized powers would contribute directly to the peace of the world.” This type of bellicose formulation of U.S. foreign policy could have easily come from any member of Bush’s foreign po...
Disarming Christian Soldiers
Well, it’s like Patriot Day and Homeland Security Week rolled up into a big pasty ball of freedom. All of W’s war promos over the last few months have amounted to a big tease apparently, as the chorus line in Baghdad flashes its goodies yet again for t...
Bin Laden Back in Saudi Arabia?
ROBERT FISK The Independent
It is him. The man on the tape is Bin Laden. He is alive. It took only a brief flurry of phone calls to the Middle East and south-west Asia for the most impeccable sources to confirm that Osama bin Laden is alive and that it was his gravelly voice that threatens the West ...
Bush’s Extremist Agenda Goes into Overdrive
Since last we met, George W. Bush has been enthroned in near-absolute power by a whopping, er, 21 percent of the American electorate, which narrowly voted in a slate of congressional Republican rubber-stamps–who bid fair to outdo Baghdad’s parliamentar...
The Mad World of A.M. Rosenthal
On September 14, 2001, three days after the 9/11 tragedy, A. M. Rosenthal swung virulently into action. Writing for Morton Zuckerman’s rag, the New York Daily News, he demanded the U.S. deliver an ultimatum to at least six countries- – Afghanistan, Lib...
The Fading Democratic Delusion
The Emerging Democratic Majority by John B. Judis and Ruy Teixeira Scribner, 2002. 213 pages. $24.00 Judis and Teixeira have argued before that emerging demographics all but assure a solid Democratic ...
Deferral by Default
Dear Gabriel, Like the rest of the family I’ve hassled you quite a bit over the years for just pulling up stakes and moving to Syria, of all places. (Was Long Island that bad?) But in light of the election results here last week I wonder, my dear olde...
Unions and 9/11-Baiting
At a May 2002 United Auto Workers (UAW) Local 600 polling-place near Detroit, two election opponents–a leading local officer and a former UAW international rep in his 70’s–got into a fight allegedly involving spitting and punching. In the same el...