November 2002

The Apocalyptic Vision of Neo-Conservative Ideologues


Spank the Donkey, Time to Abandon the Democrats

The Return of Al Gore?


Empathy and the Logic of Murder

Eminem’s Body and Soul

The Murder of Iain Hook

Death and Lies in Palestine

On the Lam from Uncle Sam

Bowling for Columbine, a mini review

Another Century of War?

The Aim is Victory

In Defense of the Filibuster

This Mad, Limitless War

TIA, DARPA, FSM, Hitchens and Merle Haggard the Maoist

Piss Off, NSA (And Other Radical Hijinx)

Celebrating Genocide!

A Predatory Orientalism

The Grassroots Challenge to Iran’s Theocracy

Shining Our Light on the Shadow Forces

Counterfeit Courage, Reflections on Political Correctness in Germany

An Open Letter to Rolling Stone on Women in Rock

Bush Puts a Contract Out on Federal Jobs

Malnutrition in Iraq