William Cook

William A. Cook is the  author of Decade of Deceit and Age of Fools.

The Wisdom That Comes with Age and Moral Courage

From George 1 to George 2

Kafka as Prophet

Israel’s Heart of Darkness

The Do Nothing Peace Machine

Justice, Peace and the Israeli State

The Politics of the Exodus Myth

Yet Another War for Israel?

Gingrich and the Palestinian Identity

Tearing the Veil From Israel’s Civility

The UN and Palestinian Statehood

The Death of Democracy

The Death of Democracy

Obama’s Singularities

Now is the Time for Palestine

Caught in the Crossfire

Consider the Realities of Gaza

Decpetion as Truth

The Politics of Servility

Unmasking AIPAC

The Power of Evil

An Israel Accountability Act

Starve the Palestinians

Palestinian Ballots vs. Israeli Bullets

The Rape of Palestine