January 2024

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Zionism and the Academy

The Great Wave

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The Mayor of Woodland Hills Is Awakened

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Revenge of the Renegades of the Red Sea

How One North Dakota Farmer Saved His Farm and Livelihood Using Carbon-Friendly Farming Methods

Jane Fonda’s Victim Act

Taking on the Forest Service in Federal Court

The Cry of the Wounded: End War

A Burning Girl in Gaza

The Architecture of Cities: Oscar Niemeyer in Rio

Barbie, the Movie:  Puer Aeternus? 

Glyphosate, the Active Ingredient in the Weedkiller Roundup, is Showing Up in Pregnant Women Living Near Farm Fields

Satyagraha: A Word You Should Know in 2024

When Nothing Happens

What Is to Be Done?

Guantanamo: An Enduring Stain

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An Overlooked and Undercounted Group of Arab American and Muslim Voters May have Outsized Impact on 2024 Presidential Election

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New York Times Minimizes Impacts of Three Mile Island

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Where Will the World Find Refuge in 2024?

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Dangerous Nostalgia

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