January 2024

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Global Debt Is Beyond Control

BLM, Get Your Hands Off Calf Creek Falls

Joel Roberts Poinsett: Namesake of the Poinsettia, Enslaver, Secret Agent and Perpetrator of the ‘Trail of Tears’

500 Jewish Californians and Allies Shut Down the State Capitol, Demanding Ceasefire in Gaza

The Times They Aren’t a-Changing: More Carbon, More Heat, More Hot Air Expected in 2024

The Genocide Will be Televised

Blocking Israel’s Supply Chain

Pray For The Rudy Gobert Haters

It’s All About Them, Lauren Boebert Edition

Letter from Childbirth: Blast from the Past

Instability Remains as UN Mission Withdraws from Mali

On the Captive-Bolt Gun in No Country for Old Men

Save Wild Bison

Finding a Safe Space in My Garden

Acting Like You Own It

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Of Earth and Money

Yemen’s Houthis Become Today’s Red Sea Version of the ‘Barbary Pirates’

Media Ideals vs. Reality USA

When the KKK Planted Bombs at the University of Dayton, Part of Its Crusade Against American Catholics

Booked Up: the 10 Best Books of 2023

The Healing Power of Tango

John Pilger and the Nobel Anonymous

Unmitigated Horror: Guernica, the Warsaw Ghetto, and Now Gaza

A Voice for the Oppressed: John Pilger, Radical Journalist and Documentarian

My Favorites of 2023

Pity the British

The Black Gold God That Dirtied Us All

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In The New Year, Thank You For Your Service

Go Bonobos in 2024!

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