Enough, Benjamin Netanyahu

Enough, Benjamin Netanyahu

(you don’t deserve to be called Mr., a qualificative that implies a basic decency)

Enough of your mendacity,

Enough of your cant,

Enough of your deceits,

Enough of your killing innocent women and children,

Enough of your carnage,

Enough of your wanton destruction,

Enough of burying children alive,

Enough of ignoring pleas for a humanitarian cease fire

Enough of your killing dozens of journalists

Enough of your destroying hospitals

Enough of starving innocent civilians

Enough of using criminal “dumb” bombs

Enough of expanding settlements in Palestinian land

Enough of your apartheid regime

Enough of your destruction of Palestinian homes

Enough of your false promises

Enough of ignoring the fate of your own people held hostage

Enough of your fraud, breach of trust and corruption

Enough is enough, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Dr. Cesar Chelala is a co-winner of the 1979 Overseas Press Club of America award for the article “Missing or Disappeared in Argentina: The Desperate Search for Thousands of Abducted Victims.”