Safety in Numbers

Safety in Numbers: A Poem

by Anonymous Sources

Fuck the New York Times.
That all the swains commend them
is a mystery to me why
all the news that’s fit to print
rarely makes it to the front page in time,
if it’s national political news.
Great Sunday crossword though.
Is it safe?
Who blew up Nord Stream 1 and 2?
The Times says it wasn’t me or you
according to police state sources,
highly placed and anonymous.
Who blew up Nord Stream 1 and 2?
It was Cofer Black of Burisma fame
or his buddy Freddie Prinze,
one or both is surely to blame,
I’m thinking, absent proof otherwise,
or some other fact in disguise
(you could tell she was cheating in her eyes).
Is it safe?
If an award-winning journalist,
uses highly-placed anonymous sources
as Seymour Hersh did,
Hersh a former blazer for the Times,
then knock him off the plate with some chin music
and plant your own anonymous-as-usual sources,
and bury Hersh with the power of the NYT authority
he turned his back on. What, me lie?
It worked in Atlanta with Richard Jewell,
condemned by the AJ-Constitution acting as God
and allowing a hit piece to be run without sources.
Nice Sunday Crosswords though.
Is it safe?
The Times chased James Risen away
after they quashed his piece on Stellar Wind
— the illegal wiretaps and warrantless collections:
this call will be recorded for training purposes
just before the election that might have ousted Bush
and given a reprieve from the growing Surveillance State
that Ed Snowden revealed 15 years later.
(Who knows but that the Ukraine war is to get Ed,
who recently wrote that the CIA is not your friend?)
Is it safe?
WaPo now owned by Jeff “Tax Free” Bezos
(Darkness Rules Democracy Daily)
once wowed us with journos Ratso and Sundance
following the Watergate money. Deep Throat
was an associate director of the FBI.
Did they tell us that?
We thought it was the Cat in the Hat.
Mark Felt hated Nixon
when passed over after Hoover died.
The Hero was a whore.
Not a whistleblower.
Is it safe?
The American Constitution (Salut!)
because I’m an American,
but but but but but but it’s over.
The Convention in Philadelphia
was a property rights drinkfest
and the Constitution almost got signed off
as an owner’s agreement, the plebs be damned,
until some states refused to ratify
without some Amendments (count them) —
that’s why I get to write this political poem —
while owners have schemed since
to erode the Amendments that favor the pleb
in subjectivity over objectivity,
and won’t stop until the Constitution’s
like coleslaw.



John Kendall Hawkins is an American ex-pat freelancer based in Australia.  He is a former reporter for The New Bedford Standard-Times.