Concrete Compassion

Photo: Washington Corrections Center.

I admit that I struggle to feel kindness toward people in law enforcement uniforms, which is why this unexpected connection to a prison guard became all the more powerful.

As far back as I can remember, I've dealt with police misconduct and abuse. At a young age I would sit listening to my family tell stories about the injustices they suffered at the hands of law enforcement. As I got older, my dislike for the police grew out of my own experiences.

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Antoine Davis, 34, is a licensed minister at Freedom Church of Seattle currently incarcerated at Washington Correction Center, serving a 63-year sentence. He is the founder of Inside Out Mentoring Program, which was designed to promote spiritual growth, educational development, and relationship building in the lives of young adults. He earned his certification in Christian Leadership from the Urban Ministry Institute in 2019, and began doing community work beyond prison through the Youth Violence Prevention Network. He is also Co-Chair of BPC TEACH, where he facilitates relationships with various colleges and Fabians Funds (an organization that funds every BPC TEACH student’s college tuition) to help incarcerated men at Washington Correction Center receive a college education. He is currently in the process of self publishing his first book, Building Blocks, a curriculum that was created to help young men overcome past trauma and some of the more common challenges that keep them from living a successful life.