America’s No-Fly Zone

The concept of a No-Fly Zone was formulated by the USA.  It describes the act of totally sealing off an entity to protect if from threatening intrusion by a hostile agent.  America has used it, or tried to, on a couple of nations with some success, but where it has been refined to perfection is in the U.S. itself.  Our Empire, in mortal fear of exposure, has erected a hermetic, impenetrable No-Fly Zone over the grotesque mass of shameless, sickening, infantile bullshit that constitutes its Exceptionalist propaganda.

This informational No-Fly Zone is now being tested by what The Empire calls the “war” in Ukraine.  Its efficacy is proved by the “news” on all mainstream media.  No independent thought, no factual information, no honest relation of events, and above all, no unbiased, sound analysis of the actual motivation of this “war” is allowed or even admitted to exist.  The Empire’s fairy stories, absurd and poisonous, are the only stories Americans—rendered appallingly stupid and bovine or, at minimum, childishly gullible and amoral—are fed and, predictably, they have wholeheartedly embraced them.  A mental No-Fly Zone is impermeable; reality cannot penetrate it.  It has to be truth-proof in order to protect the wholly bogus, dimwitted self-justification underneath it.

In the Ukraine fable, it began its function by denying malevolent expansion of the NATO contraption to Russia’s borders, when the U.S. had solemnly promised not to do that.  NA, after all, stands for North Atlantic.  Did it anyway.  Then, when Putin—our eternal Beelzebub—told the U.S. that the deceitful NATO push to its borders, and its arming Nazi Azov Battalion and Right Sektor attacks on Lugansk and Donetsk was not acceptable, and asked for mutual understanding to provide security guarantees for all parties, he was dissed and insulted by our vacuous imbeciles.

At that point, Putin began to employ the old vaudeville technique for getting through to a dense audience, quote: “Tell ‘em what you’re gonna do; tell ‘em you’re doin’ it; and tell ‘em you did it.”

He stated what Russia would do.  It would go in on a temporary basis, destroy Azov, Right Sektor, and the Ukrainian Army they controlled, along with their bases and supply dumps.  It had no interest in “taking” Ukraine which could only be a burden, nor in running their government, if any.  Nor would it occupy territory beyond what assured their objectives.  Russia, largest nation on earth, has no wish to expand, no imperial ambitions, but it will not permit threats to, or assaults on, its territory without severe consequences to the aggressor.  Russia already has a “No-Fly Zone” over Ukraine and will treat defiance of it as an act of war.

Russia, Putin said, has now done what he said it would do.  The Ukrainian Nazi army is destroyed and their whole supply chain with it, yet America’s desire to keep the “war” going continues by proxy.  What remnants of sanity remain to our Power Clowns—the senile boob, President Winken, and his two jesters, Blinken and Nod—have dimly realized that their No-Fly Zone is better used at home on us than in a setting in which they stand to get a good country ass-kicking and even, if they choose, a nuclear war.

The American Mental No-Fly Zone must successfully keep our deeply ignorant people from access to dangerous information that would counter the moronic pap they are fed, and encourage rigorous thinking by exposure to realities.  There is nothing new in this, but the degree to which it’s now imposed is unprecedented.  Americans, it has to be said, appreciate Mental No-Fly Zones, particularly when, if they allowed themselves to comprehend the magnitude of the evil their country has done around the world since, say, WWII, it could make some demand on their saurian moral consciousness.  They much prefer being told who they have to hate, and how much, to doing an honest inventory on themselves and on their sick, deceitful, malevolent country.

Meanwhile, embedded within the bullshit cocoon, our yokel Congress has many unhinged voices among its bizarre zoology demanding both that the “war” continue to the last Ukrainian, and that the brunt of it be shifted onto the unwilling backs of civilians, since the hooligan Nazi outfits are mostly already dead.  Mariupol was their HQ and last stand, where they shot captive Ukrainian civilians to death for trying to evacuate to safety.

Our contemptible elected Hillbillies—those deeply stupid hick parochials—are cheerleaders for mayhem of the “let’s you and him fight” school, and chief mourners of the dead Moms and kids that, in Iraq, Syria, Libya and Afghanistan never bothered them.  These knuckle-draggers are also salivating to get NATO aircraft into Ukraine to ignite a European and, likely, a world war.  You have to wonder when, on a graph, the rising line of puerile, sandbox American propaganda will cross the declining one of American intelligence.  How blatantly fatuous and dishonest does our national propaganda have to get before those not braindead awake from their comfort coma and realize they themselves are the true, pathetic victims of the most vicious economic system in the history of the world.  It was American Capitalism’s rabid lust for world hegemony and control that set off the Ukraine fiasco.

The crisis we face is grim.  America’s arteries have hardened.  Capitalism ‘R Us, and our ruling clique will take us to terminal disaster with the full consent of our sad, cognitively conquered people.  They are trained to worship a system that vacuums all the good that should be theirs into the offshore accounts of their owners, and to cheer as they are mortally abused by them.

The pain and pathos of Ukrainians is no less to be regretted than that of Iraqis, Afghanis, and Yemenis.  And no more.  Sadly, Americans have been drained of real empathy and schooled to mimic it only when The Empire approves.  This excision of that  natural human faculty is arguably U.S. Capitalism’s worst crime.


Paul Edwards is a writer and film-maker in Montana. He can be reached at: