Radical Elders to Organizational Meeting Next Saturday, March 26

Are you a veteran activist or a veteran organizer of progressive organizations and are over age 55?  If so, here’s some exciting news.

We all know American is moving into a dangerous period of reaction, the world climate is careening out of control threatening human and perhaps all life on earth, wars and US military spending besides also threatening the planet, are sucking up all funding that should be going to address social needs. Meanwhile, elders in this country are under attack as never before as Medicare gets rapidly privatized, Social Security faces major cuts and privatization or phase-out, and even our ability to vote is threatened by racist voter suppression measures being enacted in a majority of states — measures that impact most elder voters or all colors too.

A group of several dozen of us radical elder activists have for the past year or more been meeting on what to do about the crisis facing Elders, as well as to figure out how to both bring Elders’ issues to the attention of the many movements for social change, peace, labor rights, voting rights, climate crisis, etc., and also to get these organizations and movements take advantage of the half century or more of organizing experience our generation of organizers has to offer.

Now we’re ready to broaden that project.

Please join us next Saturday, March 26 for the first national gathering of Radical Elders where we will engage in an open discussion about what is to be done and how best to do it.

The meeting will be virtual (on Zoom), running from 1:00 – 4:00 pm Eastern Time, 10:00 am – 1:00 pm Pacific Time.  Attendance is free but you must be registered by March 25 at midnight (140 people have registered to attend as of March 19).

To learn more about this Radical Elders organizing project and to find the registration form, go here.

Be sure to read the page on the website containing our Draft Statement and our Draft Points of Unity, both of which will be up for discussion at this gathering.

We Elders in the US represent over 30 percent of the US population, a number that is larger than it appears because 22 percent of the US population are kids under 18. Just looking at the adult US population, we Elders represent a bloc of 40 percent and that is a figure that will keep rising in coming years.

We have the potential power of a massive tsunami if we can unite around our issues!

Join us this coming Saturday for an exciting planning session!

If you have any questions, email tcbhmail@gmail.com

CounterPunch contributor DAVE LINDORFF is a producer along with MARK MITTEN on a forthcoming feature-length documentary film on the life of Ted Hall and his wife of 51 years, Joan Hall. A Participant Film, “A Compassionate Spy” is directed by STEVE JAMES and will be released in theaters this coming summer. Lindorff has finished a book on Ted Hall titled “A Spy for No Country,” to be published this Fall by Prometheus Press.