Infrasuture: the Duopoly Sport

a blown save, an own goal,
trying to bind the self inflicted wounds of “civilization” but..
turns out it’s actually a funeral for the species.
Stop talking about the end of the world,
the planet will be just fine,
it’s the life that gets a reset,
it’s happened many times, ya know.
Obituary for a dream,
added to those about hope and change,
a chance of a lifetime, which wasn’t really even possible,
when you think about it.
It’s just that the economic model is based on creative destruction,
and we all agree that cleaning up is just too expensive.
Don’t we?
So what’s next?
Hot war with China?
We need to keep the arms production up, for our defense.
That extra 29 billion should help,
even the liberals know that.
That’s why they voted for it.
11 billion for waste coal remediation,
which means burning it,
out of 575 billion in new infrasuture spending.
Thanks Joe,
fill in the last name of your choice,
this is your payoff, eh?
A 2% rake off the top for the dirtiest fuel made in the USA.
Almost as bad as the Canadian tar sands
oozing through the cracks in pipeline #3.
Thanks Joe,
fill in the last name of your choice.
But we just can’t afford community college,
It’s a bridge too far.
That’s INFRASUTURE for ya.
If you are waiting for the dems to fix it