From Covid Relief to Spooky Action Under Your Nose

The 2+ trillion dollar covid relief bill from last year had many unusual and seemingly unrelated add-ons in its 5600 or so pages. This, of course, is really not that unusual. Congress loves to add on subsidies for districts in dire need of funds to enable continued construction of obsolete jets, buggy wheel axles, and cave art ochre pigment production, but a certain add-on in this package was a little bit unusual even by those standards.

The package required a report to Congress within six months related to what is now referred to as UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena). The requirement demanded a pentagon report within that time frame be delivered with a broad based report on the situation at hand in regard to this topic. A very strange jelly bean to be located in a covid relief bill, to be sure, and truly unusual in that it really didn’t provide any kind of immediate or obvious pork for a district. This was something else entirely.

Looking into this issue has been fraught with disaster for those wanting to be taken seriously in their military professions or even at the local coffee shop. It’s clear that for whatever reason, the topic has been marginalized and even ridiculed to the point that only Hollywood would touch it with any sort of open acceptance. Eyewitness reports are obviously subjective and difficult to capture on film (if you don’t believe me, look at a glorious and breathtaking full moon and try to capture even 1/1000 of the beauty on your phone). It’s been a difficult subject to study, to say the least. Who knows how many have simply kept quiet over the years to avoid the life complications that such an admission would bring about.

A break in the dam came in 2017 when the New York Times ran a story about the military’s Advanced Aerospace Identification Program. This was a group headed by military official Luis Elizondo. The group analyzed issues related to airspace incursions. Bizarrely, many of these incidents and sightings have occurred near nuclear equipped areas. Make of that what you will! Anyway, Elizondo eventually resigned after becoming disillusioned by the lack of funds being sourced for the topic as well as a general air of secrecy. Elizondo has been giving multiple interviews of late, giving off a decidedly military vibe, even in his retirement. He gives somewhat vague (he says due to non-disclosure agreements) information, but clearly gives one pause when he relates that the fullness of the topic, if known by the public, would cause them to reflect and be “somber”. The place of humans and what we think of as reality seems to be at stake and those relaying this information aren’t fanciful types.

Well, the report did come out and 144 incidents were examined between the time frame of 2004 and 2021. The take-away was simply that we do not know what these objects are—that we must continue to look into this. The report made no conclusions as to the source of the objects. Some considered that it could be foreign technology, but this seems beyond unlikely considering the in-your-face behavior of what would essentially be (to our eyes) magical abilities exhibited by these “crafts”. China and Russia just don’t seem to be operating at a level that allows movement of an object that defies physics. The crafts perform maneuvers that exceed the sound barrier, all while avoiding even a sonic boom. This just isn’t explainable with our current level of understanding. The owners of such technology would definitely be the reigning superpower on this planet.

There are many known examples of situations with multiple sensors noting unexplained objects toying with the military airspace., Eyewitness accounts pair with radar on some of the better known incidents. Again, the astounding take-away is that these objects defy the laws of physics as we understand them.

It’s worth considering the massive dissonance between our waking, daily reality and the theories of quantum mechanics—to the point that it’s almost necessary to completely separate the macro and the micro to stay sane. Perhaps these unexplained phenomena have the ability to bridge that seemingly impossible chasm.

I never really took the topic all that seriously prior; it was fun in a bubble gum way to read about and consider, but this was an extremely low level consideration on my part. Multiple credible witnesses have seen objects that defy explanation through recorded history—the world is so much more complicated that our cubicle trapped minds have been able to process. I was guilty of thinking that “UFO” simply reflected a hokey alien from another planet type of situation. To consider that quantum mechanics and multiple dimensions could be part of this issue (and could even possibly explain other bizarre, seemingly paranormal events)……well that never crossed my mind. I tried looking at this topic with a fresh take in recent years. I attempted to look at it in a manner that was not tainted by the closed minds of the past. My own included. That’s not to say any of it makes any clear sense at this point, but it’s certainly a question to be asked. I recommend a similar, guarded journey for all at this point. We need to reflect on the word “somber” being used in this context. What have we been missing that is all around us? And as with all topics, we need to avoid the weirdos, narcissists, and for-profit players who will be there capitalizing on this topic.

But as it stands, there is no clear proof that our everyday macro existence is any more valid than the “spooky action at a distance”. It’s now time to consider all of the possibilities.

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.