The Hole in the Wall of the World

The Hole in the Wall of the World

“Believe nothing you hear and no more than half of what you see.”
– toilet stall in Hitler’s bunker suite

O, there’s a hole in the wall of the world
where antlered conspiracy theorists
convene to wonder who what where and why —
like newspaper conspiracy fearists
who get Deep Throated by the FBI,
one unknits the record the other purled.

Where did Roger gets the stones to call for
martial law so soon after his pardon,
like a whistledog foaming and rabid
and so anxious to show us his hard-on —
the kind of guy who’d blow up the David
Hotel and blame it all on Sir Balfour?

And now we hear that Enrique Tarrio,
the chicken chokin’ Aladdin singin’
Proud Boy informant, was no KKK
(Roger Stone’s bud? oy, my ears are ringin’)
but rainbow burnin’ head of GayGayGay — (*)
straight out some alt-right South Beach barrio.

A conspiracy theorist might wonder
why the feds ignored mama’s proudest boy
when he called to say the insurrection
would be vile, loud and could well destroy
the shiny uribus plenum section
on the Hill, another intel “blunder.”

Even Tarrio, polishing his lamp
until the genie came out with a whoosh
to grant his wish, knew something was not right
when they drew slow police response — no doosh
from the left — he knew had Blacks come to fight
the jackboots would have been there to stamp, stamp.

But not so a conspiracy fearist
who’d have seen the same events and exclaimed
we need new domestic terrorism laws
to stop the few, the proud mentally maimed
who come dressed as ‘Injuns’ and Trumpian squaws
and mad extras out of Mommie Dearest.

Glad grads of the Leni Riefenstahl school,
who dole out the God’s eye view, and get laid
by their sources, and fluff up their careers
at the expense of freedom, over paid
parts of the problem who toy with our fears,
roll for the latest presidential Fool.

O, there’s a hole in the wall of the world
where our illusions are seeping away
and evolution’s come to a standstill,
and human consciousness is held at bay
by theorists and fearists fighting until
one unknits the record the other purled.

(*) –  No actual feelings were hurt during the making of this stanza, as Enrique Tarrio says he is opposed to Politically Correct people — and gays. The suggestion is that because the Proud Boys got their name from a mama’s boy song (“Proud of Your Boy”) from the musical Aladdin and it is said, by politically incorrect people (and incorrectly so, if I’m correct), that only men who are gay like musicals. Or pretend to be gay, in order to advance their careers — a gold at the end of the rainbow kind of thing. Tsk-tsk.

John Kendall Hawkins is an American ex-pat freelancer based in Australia.  He is a former reporter for The New Bedford Standard-Times.