The Supine and the Ridiculous

“I have never made but one prayer to God, a very short one: Oh Lord, make my enemies ridiculous. And God granted it.”

–Voltaire and also me.

One of the criteria required to bring down power structures or individuals in government who no longer serve the people is to remove their veneer of inevitability and strength. Once they have no legitimacy, the mind is able to envision life without them and to proceed accordingly. I think we’ve gone fairly far down that road. Ridiculousness is in every direction.

I was simply tucking in my shirt! You are the pervert for thinking it was somehow wrong for me, a young man (why televisions were out a full 17 years prior to my birth) to ask a lovely, possibly 15 year old for her number? To free up my gangrenous goods in my hand next to her in a hotel room at The Mark (can’t make this stuff up, right?)? Well, then I guess we have no freedom in America any longer. The men who perpetrated 9-11 truly won. To think I simply wanted her number so I could call her periodically through the day to say “9-11”and then later in the middle of the night to say “9-11” and then maybe a little bit later “9-11”. This is something I do for all newly menstruating girls as a rite of passage for them. It’s an honor and a privilege that I do not take lightly in this, our God blessed United States (cough, cough, cough). Oh, yeah….9-11

In other rat bastard pervert news:

Sometimes they take multitasking too far. Combine an inability to operate the Zoom app (that gradeschoolers are having to be skilled and competent with) plus an erotic predilection for New Yorker pundits. Who can blame him, those hotties, all lined up Brady Bunch style speaking on the economic insecurity present in those making only 300,000/year. It’s a recipe for disaster if you’re an empathy scarce, Viagra surplus man in this year of our lord 2020.

And in older rat bastard pervert news, but still seeming to fit this trifecta (and also because I never hesitate to shit on David Brooks.) I’m like a chihuahua with a tiny squeak toy…..oh how I can’t stand that man.

So David Brooks and his dirty ass grin—I am so much wiser than you for I get paid quite a lot to make excuses for the greedy. I even make money when I opine about poor people not being able to order fancy sandwiches. They simply can’t form the words—too- difficult-to-pronounce-bread-based-consumables. I blame our educational system and an inability to properly catapult yourself into a high paying job saying elitist fuckery nonsense. Once you pull that off, every Padrino and Pomodoro can be yours.

It’s hard to say what motivates these guys beyond crass opportunism. Old David Brooks wed his research helper who maybe become an embryo during torrid intercourse that happened while 80’s MTV videos played in the background–yet another Flock of Seagulls induced insemination……. It’s okay because David Brooks was probably made into an embryo during one of those harp and lute sessions during Medieval times. So they have that musical start in common. But did he opt to marry someone in a grossly disproportionate power dynamic/age group because his sense of responsibility was not internalized? Was his culture just more progress-resistant than others? Is this why a tragedy was exacerbated? Oh wait, never mind that’s just part of what he said about Haiti as a kick the country when it’s down after an earthquake piece. He’s golden (according to him).

But I would say he is just another common fuck-up who failed upwards like Giuliani and Toobin.

They are given jobs to repeat propaganda that the wealthy need to keep percolating in our society, and they turn a sweet coin for the task. Straight out prostitution is so much more honest.

The recent run of clearly foul behavior is a delightful tearing off of the mask. Don’t for one moment think that the ones not getting caught aren’t out there doing similar. The right wing seem uniquely skilled at making themselves look foolish, but the vast majority of those in power are no more legitimate. Look at our world, our country, our interactions with each other……… this is not the mark of a healthy society, and if these are the self-appointed leaders of this flaming meteor…’s time to move on to new ideas and new people. Let’s relegate these fools to history. They perpetuate a narrative that it is right to behave in a strictly selfish, exploitative manner towards all. We simply can’t survive it any longer. Things will change because they have to.

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.