The Annus Horribilis of the Anus Horribilis

Photograph Source: Ali Shaker/VOA – Public Domain

Coming to the end of the last year of Trump’s presidency, during which he will have mismanaged the Covid-19 pandemic to the effect of 300,000 plus deaths; sent the economy into Depression and millions into hunger; separated untold thousands of children from their parents at the southern border, confining many in cages; was impeached for attempting to bribe the Ukrainian Government into investigating his political rival by withholding congressionally authorized military aid; deployed federal troops against peaceful protesters for racial justice in the capital and democratically governed cities; supported racist and white nationalist causes while endorsing wingnut conspiracy theories about political opponents (and Jews); removed departmental inspector generals and other honest officials who testified or ruled against him in the course of their duties; continued to set government policies against attempts to mitigate climate change, including discharging or silencing of government climate scientists; continued to dismantle America’s foreign alliances and policies at Vladimir Putin’s bidding, while sacrificing the Kurdish forces in Syria to the Erdogan’s Turkish forces, apparently for some clandestine economic dealings; kissed Kim Jung Un’s ass to no avail, as North Korea continued to build a nuclear arsenal; blatantly used presidential powers to enrich himself and his family, especially through his properties in Scotland and Washington, D.D.; illegally used White grounds and personnel, including the Marine guard, for partisan political  events; told the American people over 20,000 lies; not to mention the harmful deregulations and unqualified judicial appointments; etc., etc… In short, it has been the annus horribilis of the anus horribilis.


Marshall Sahlins is the Charles F. Grey Distinguished Service Professor emeritus of anthropology at the University of Chicago. His books include: Stone Age Economics, The Western Illusion of Human Nature and On Kings (with David Graeber).