2020 Vision Will Show You What is True, if You Can Keep Your Sanity

We’ve all been making jokes about how terrible 2020 has played out, but I think even those of us with a bit of an imagination for the absurd and ominous missed the mark as far as this ultimate level of governmental degeneracy we’ve been able to achieve.

Dads backing up moms in Portland with leaf blowers to keep the teargas off fellow peaceful protesters……. Presidents bragging about passing dementia tests geared for answering the question: “should this person be in a locked down unit or free range?” Certain middle aged women who in months prior salved their lonely and hollow lives with appeals to managers about too sweet boxed Rieslings—LiveLaughLove….well now they embark on a Freudian death-driven-directive against masks LiveLaughLoveLung (infection). Probably the same women who would most likely complain to a manager if their surgeon decided to go mask-free during any type of Melania style kidney surgery).

Let’s continue: Americans are not welcome at this time in other polite, less infected nations because of the wholesale failure of our health-don’t-care system and the fact that we think epidemiologists study the epididymis (* please do a google image search to learn what that is if you aren’t aware so you can follow along with our conversation).

Come to America for the racism, sexism, fascism, and that special something extra: the covid. And then don’t plan on leaving because probably nobody will want your infected ass.

Holy hell…..we have a ratty-rogue group of age varied, species indistinct, federal-ish white guys stealing people off the street in Portland–soon to be appearing in your city as well if you have a female in charge or had poor ratings in your locale for The Apprentice’s first 15 seasons (but if you had poor ratings when Arnold Schwarzenegger took over, your city is in the clear). These tactics—it’s all about showing who is in charge and sadly that is DJT–who is, by the way, is okay for the unit without the coded locked doors, but still might need a sitter with him at night due to Sundowners. The odor of Blackwater or Ye or whatever they are called right now is all over this group of kidnappers and I wish they would just get back to focusing on the music.

So the guy at the helm of all this……Donald’s niece is an excellent character witness for him, or a witness to his lack of character. She did get a nice compliment from her uncle on her rack when young (even if she got stiffed on inheritance because her dad went and died–at least she has that pervy comment from Uncle Donald to bask in.) Her dad…..well I guess the cause of death was being a somewhat sensitive soul stuck on the reality show that was the older Trump’s household. Donald’s mother sounded nice too, bemoaning “that fag Elton John” singing at Princess Diana’s funeral. That was a nice touch to say to her lesbian grandchild. Donald’s father always had a full wallet though, even being so prepared as to have at the ready a naked girlie photo that he was kind enough to show his cringing niece. Not really too generous with the money  though (except for darling Donald—he would buy million + in poker chips to prop up his failing casinos.) Who knew opening 3 casinos in the same town might have the effect of making none of them be particularly successful? Math can be hard for men too. I’m looking at you Larry Summers. So our leader came from a basic greed-driven hive with narcissism as the way to survive and thrive in such a family. What could go wrong putting that on a national stage? The millions of available people and we were blessed enough to get this man in charge…and during a pandemic too!

And good luck, best wishes, whatever to Ghislaine Maxwell, VP in Charge of Procurement, Epstein Industries. The company you keep.

Some make jokes that this is the worst timeline. They have an image of other timelines playing out, ala “Dark” and perhaps someone is coming back and trying to tweak our events and they keep fucking it up and making things more hideous. Like next up a hologram of Adolph Eichmann as Head of Homeland Security. Is it that kid in the yellow jacket perhaps? Stop it Jonas. You are making things much worse. This would explain some of this. I think we should deputize those anti-mask frights and put them on the case to find the time-travelling meddlers. At least it would get them out of our hair for a bit. Hey, those guys in Portland are some sort of quasi-official squad of bellicose demons, why couldn’t these women be formed into something similar and put to work? Perhaps it would keep them busy, much like digging holes and filling them, knitting and unravelling—basic 18th century sanitarium kind of stuff. These women are the counterparts to the angry, red-faced guys who absolutely lose it in traffic and only feel whole when shooting a gun. The St. Louis Mustard StainsTM exemplify this type of power couple and by the way, if you need to take down any nice Jewish kids’ bee-keeping projects, they are the exterminators for you. These people wring the joy out of life for others and seem to have very little joy in their own. This probably explains quite a lot as well. Damaged people for certain.

I think sometimes it takes full-on madness to make the everyday banal madness obvious as well. That shit went under the radar for far too long. The veil has to lift. Perhaps Donald Trump, the secular anti-christ is here to usher in our new era. We know full well that none of this makes any sense, and it’s completely clear that our leaders are jokes and bullies. There’s no hiding it now and a lot of the damage that Trump is doing was made possible by his predecessors, even the liberal Saint Obama. He left Trump the beginner bag of tools, for certain. The rot was better hidden during those Obama days, and cruelty was an offshoot, if not the actual goal like it seems to be now. It all has led us to this terrible place in space and time that demands change. Those dandies of the “left” need to be scrutinized and disregarded as well. They are not true allies. Ruth Bader Ginsburg in regard to Kaepernick: “I think it’s dumb and disrespectful”. But let’s all wear an RBG t-shirt and celebrate a woman who wouldn’t retire years ago when she should have. Best buds with Scalia. The company you keep.

So they have their zoom meetings to decide about throwing our kids together in petri dishes. Zoom meetings of course, because it isn’t safe for them to get together. Teachers, who opted to pursue a not well-paid profession, in most cases, to make a difference (I know, not all of them, some suck, but overall a pretty noble freaking group)….they are treated as expendable casualties to the bull statue on Wall Street. And parents with no options go to their low wage jobs and hope for school reopenings so they simply have babysitting and continue to marginally survive.

The very basic levels of reciprocity have been broken; our government could care less if we live or die.

This is certainly a society in collapse, a building that was never sound—that building was built through coercion, oppression, and death. And the crowd cooed and called it liberty, nodding in hypnotic agreement. The hypnosis is fading, thankfully. The risk now is to become so overwhelmed by the lunacy that we all turn too far inward from the overload of it all– to the point that we can’t craft a new empathy or even think clearly. We need to be ready to forge something new. The need is there to stay alert, help each other, and temper our days with love for the other (and fight like hell when needed). There are some sickos out there that soft flowing love just won’t work on. I think Stephen Miller might be bought off if we give him glue to eat though. We have to overcome the evil without becoming evil ourselves, but I think we can do it if we support and keep each other in check. We need to know our goal–that of a truly free society for our children and the health of the entire planet.

We have been cursed and blessed to be here during this time (hey we could be sleepwalking through the 50’s– at least it’s not boring)—let’s plunge forward and take a clear assessment of our reality and realize that their power is largely due to our collective compliance.

*This was in the interest of Margaret Thatcher/Betsy DeVos/Kellyanne Conway Girl Boss feminism. Women can be as bad as men (in other words I just made you look at an unsolicited dick pic). I end this piece with an apology for that. 

Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest. Her writing is collected on her Substack page.