Imagine Yourself With Two Abusive Boyfriends …

Artwork: Stephen Brown.

One comes home from work, gets blind drunk, beats you, rapes you, and then molests your two-year-old child. The other comes home from work, gets blind drunk, beats you, rapes you, and then falls asleep. Naturally, you would not want either. But if you had to choose – as you have to choose between Trump and Biden because to abstain is tantamount to voting for one or the other – surely you would choose the one who didn’t molest your two-year-old child.

Any other choice would be stupid – as stupid as abstaining in the upcoming Presidential election. Because not voting (or voting for the Green Party candidate) is the same as voting for Trump.

People who signal their virtue and moral incorruptibility by refusing to vote for the (admittedly only slightly) less worse choice in the upcoming Presidential election make me crazy. They talk as if voting for Biden will forever prohibit them – once the election is over – from continuing to organize against Biden and his coterie of war-mongering Wall Street puppet masters just as fiercely as they organized against Trump and his coterie of war-mongering Wall Street puppet masters.

We are all perfectly clear that Biden and what he stands for are repugnant. There is not a single good reason to vote for him – except that not to do so will help Trump win a second term as President.

After the election, every Biden voter can remove the clothespin from his or her nose and resume organizing for socialist reform of the economy, defunding the police, dismantling our 800 overseas military bases, providing free health care for all, free college for all, etc., and – if it can’t be taken over – fleeing the Democratic Party entirely to form a vital new grass roots alternative (the somnambulatory Green Party should not be the model) that will field candidates able to inspire a majority of voters.

On paper, and in law, this is still a democratic republic. A majority of voters can legally create any kind of government it wants. That it has not done so, and may never do so, means only that it will be forever condemned to have the government it deserves.

Steve Brown is a member of the editorial board of CovertAction Magazine and director of the Society for Independent Investigative Journalism (SIIJ). He is co-founder of the Progressive Radio Network (PRN), former director of the Pacifica Radio Foundation and WBAI-FM in New York, and President of the Alliance for Community Elections (ACE). He has run political campaigns for the U.S. Senate, Governor of New York, and Mayor of New York City.