Lead the Way: a Call to Youth

Lead the Way: a Call to Youth

Yo, it ain’t funny
We can’t even breathe
in your land of milk n honey
gone crazy run by money

Hmm, what’s a kid to do?
Become a player? Learn to sue?
They call it freedom
Us under their thumb
But no, we ain’t dumb

Yo, it’s so broken
People chokin
Buy your token
They be jokin you
pokin you
befo you know it
they be smokin you

Media spin
Technology win
Puppet masters grin
For more wars
Spreading global carnage
while people eatin garbage

Some be sayin get up stand up
Some escapin o holdin out a tin cup
Others gettin faith based
We all bein disgraced
Historical truths must be faced

Fear and garbage be what they sellin
Yo kids, what you smellin?
Bullshit, that’s right
it ain’t got no light

Heads ain’t right
can’t sleep at night
that pill from Big Pharma
messin with yo karma

No mo ADD, diet pills,
nip and tuck
what the fuck
I ain’t yo puppet, so stuff it
My beauty natural

CIA, COVID play, algorithmed
it got no rhythm
Trapped in the net
we won’t forget
da legacy of racism, death and greed
Whatever happened to da simple good deed?

Orange man telling lies
a solipsistic prick makin us sick
got no compassion, a nasty assassin
just grating and hating
wants his burger and fries
We see a greater prize

No more Wall Street bailouts, cemented poverty,
cops just protecting property
No mo trickle down you clown
it’s time for trickle up green yup
History’s a lesson of real power
against an artificial tower

Look around, look up n see within
Regain that innocence and wonder
before da system came as thunder
Hold that love high above
show it as a perfect dove
it brings us healin

Care and share, don’t despair
we ain’t got the time
Bring the love, don’t hate
it ain’t got that rhyme
We got much work to do
we need you on it too

So elevate your game
nothin stays the same
A change is gonna come
bringin mo than this crumb
it’s happenin happenin

They call it a riot
but it’s an uprisin
People power’s on the horizon
Can’t you feel it?
Don’t let nobody steal it
We can seal it

You are not alone
let’s bring it on home
We see what’s going on
n won’t be a pawn
of systemic induction
leadin to destruction

So find yourself find yourself
Feel your essence
Lift it n raise it
Soon we will praise it

Find yourself find yourself
There is a better way
Let me hear you say
there’s a better way better way
So find yourself find yourself
n lead the way to a brighter day

William A. Cohn, a member of the California Bar, teaches critical thinking in Prague and online.