Capitán Capital 

Capitán Capital 

Look at you, there in the road
watching the clouds amass
and blacken

Where’ll you go
Once everything’s flooded?

The Erie Canal
And the St. Lawrence Seaway
will merge
Who knows

Will you row?
Or roll? or hole
Up in your place
Waiting for news — in a garden
Of rumors (polluted and looted

Like everything else
It depends on the season
And how many cans of food
You can stash
And don’t tell an ear
Of the cache of beans
You can give away some
But be discreet
Say you found them
in the street

The cans of beans
And cans of sardines
I’d eat with the cat
As you napped in your crib
The walks to the swings
And the slides
And the rides in the cars
Of the trains
Crashing over the bridge

The times by the Tiber
And over in Rome, New York, by the fort
That was blackened by rain
And the Mohawk — which translates
To something akin to the  cannibal river

The cannibal Capitán Capital’s coming
Along in his ship
With his chains and his locks
On the hunt for more rocks
Out of which to make chains and locks
ad mortem
Polluting and looting
As clouds amass
On every horizon

And where’ll you go
Will you row?
Or roll
On a bicycle
Holding a two-year-old
Cold and damp
In a refugee camp
Like everyone else
Who knows


Elliot Sperber is a writer, attorney, and adjunct professor. He lives in New York City and can be reached at and on twitter @elliot_sperber