A Unity of Delusionals

I am writing this the night before the Iowa caucuses.

There is an expectation that there will be a large turn out for the democrat caucuses in Iowa and many people seem to believe that this larger turnout may be the result of the campaign of Bernie Sanders and his supporters. There is an aspect of this election season however which has not been, and probably cannot be, much examined. That is – the numbers of traditional republican voters who will be more than willing to participate in the democrat caucuses and primaries because the republican version of manipulations such as these seems to be a done deal already and because many republicans see how closely aligned they are with the majority of “centrist” (not) democrats in their desire to repudiate Trump.

The main reason this is important is that, like the majority of democrats who think that it is reasonable to support capital-loving vacillators like Biden, Warren Buttigieg, Klobuchar,…, a substantial number of republicans think that Trump is a too blatantly ugly face for corporate capitalism and they may be more than willing (again, like the large numbers of democrat “centrists”) to try to put a stop to the possibility of what they also see as another threat to their private profits, a Sanders presidency.

The idea of voting in the other team’s primaries and caucuses is fairly commonly accepted among the triangulating democrats and republicans. These are people who think they are especially savvy and their lack of integrity is of little concern to them.

There will be a tendency to see a large turnout in the democrat’s schemes as if that means the people involved are “grass-root” democrats – as if that is in itself some kind of major accomplishment. The fact that anyone would consider the smarmy disingenuousness of the likes of Joe Biden to be a significant contrast to Trump and Company’s corruption must certainly appeal to the misguided delusions of many a republican. The interchangeability of the democrats and republicans has only been increasing over the past decades and now they have reached the point where their foolishness will almost guarantee another term for Trump as they again unite to crush Sanders because his rhetoric makes this majority uneasy.

I can only wish that I will be proven wrong.

It is not that I believe in Sanders. I have no way of believing in anyone who seeks to be a democrat or a republican. Both of these teams in their capitalist-only game are religiously (money is their god) connected to making matters worse, no matter how many lies they use to try to make us think otherwise. They repeatedly tell us that “we” are the exceptional people while they consistently and chronically use the oldest kinds of deviant manipulations and brutalities. “America” is a flatulent flop and the so-called “american way of life” has prioritized property and power while it has reduced justice to a sham gerrymandered and malleable pretense which refuses to take responsibility while blaming others for its own deviances.

If Sanders fails to garner a significant lead in the caucus and early primaries, that will be just fine with the majority of democratrepublicans. He is the candidate who has been most consistent in identifying the possible solutions to the corruption which is rampant in the faking United States of America and that ability is repulsive to the democratrepublican majority’s need to believe in their capitalist religion of the Re-privatic (as opposed to the re-public).

Again, I can only wish to be proven wrong.