Traffic Calming and Immigration

I just saw two Central American women with one baby each standing on a speed bump in the semi-rural central Mexican town in which I live making gestures to passersby to indicate that they were hungry. I walked home and returned with about half of the little food that I had on hand. (This is not to say that I’m poor but that I am not well-organized enough to keep a lot of food in the house.) The women were smiling and playing with the babies. One called me “papi” as many Honduran women do; they said they were from Tegucigalpa. Most are from San Pedro Sula, where violence and poverty are more extreme. The hundreds of people who pass through here come in very small groups and are not part of any of the caravans that people are logically, intelligently, and desperately organizing. I saw that these women really needed money more than food, as they did not have backpacks or big pockets. Trump and similarly-minded creatures: Are you sure that these people are a threat? Is this really the enemy? What is your problem? (I know; it´s the same problem that your forebears who attacked immigrant Jews, Italians, Irish, Scandinavians, Finns, and Mexicans had.)

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