Smokescreens Fuel the Art World

In the artworld of today, the more an artist is outspoken about what he is failing to observe right in front of his bright nose, the more his mouth seems great, the more he is considered a brilliant and valuable artist. But a true artist doesn’t need to exist through endless immature rhetoric that resonates in our limited understanding of our own thoughts. A true artist doesn’t need to say anything. It is his piece of work that must be outspoken, that must tell stories to our feelings.

The trend nowadays is for an artist to deceive the most influential people in the artworld into believing that he is such a whiz. The best way to achieve his goal is to smokescreen them. His job is not to produce any sort of particular art, but as much noise as he possibly can, and he must have a knack for this because the more they hear him, the more he is a damn artist. Sadly, the artworld makes fun of the idiot artist whose work speaks for him. They crave the ‘new normal’ artist who, loud and proud, advertises himself, well aware that any sucky product becomes successful and profitable if it keeps making noise like our common toothpaste.

Art belongs to all of us, it’s the bond. It’s the engine, the core of the perpetual colourful movement. There’s no sparkle of life, no sparkle of death without it. So close and so far, art brings everything inside us, evoking God or nothingness. It shows how blessed, how lucky we are, by putting us on the path of light, a path that we are free not to take if our ego says so. And as we all know, the bigger the ego, the more certain we are about our greatness, marketing ourselves as unique, whether artists or not, brushing aside what matters. The bigger the ego, the less of an artist we are.

The minute the damn artist stops smokescreening with his great mouth, he’s in hell, dead, overlooked, mad, and painless dough is not pouring in anymore. He’s no longer mentioned by anyone in the artworld, which is of course no fool. It had met another big ego but nothing else. Enough to make a buck. Artistry is not required, why bother with a wonderful idiot artist filled with talents and therefore no ego? Who cares about works showing the path of light? But people do care and prove it by going in hordes to exhibitions of artists who were ignored in their time, and by not going to exhibitions of the damn egos of the moment.

Actually, in the artworld of today, is there any room for the idiot artist? Without a second thought my answer is no, unless a reset is looming! ‘As you sow, so shall you reap’, it says in the Bible (Galatians 6:7). And for what reason would the smokescreeners not buy a smokescreener? They live by the smoke, their bubble is fuelled by it. Smoke is king. The idiots are just smiling kindly and waiting for it to abdicate. I’m one of them!

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John Dassieu is an Australian artist and author. He has been exhibiting in New York since 2002.

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