Stormy & the Students

With so much trash—ecological and psychological—spewing from the gaping mouth of the Trumpocalypse these days, it’s hard to find stuff to like, let alone people to admire. Lately, I’ve been pinning my hopes on a bunch of teenagers and a porn star.

Stormy & the Students: Heroes of Our Time

On the surface, they seem to have very little in common. Yet both have succeeded in trouncing the Trumpus and the venal corporate monstrosity he champions, where so many others have failed. Most tellingly, neither has received much of a presidential smack back, as is the Insulter-in-Tweet’s usual custom.

Why is this?

Both the student survivors of the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school Valentine’s Day Massacre in Parkland, Florida, and Stormy Daniels (allegedly a “survivor” of mediocre sex with the Donald) are not coopted by the hypocrisy of the system. In short, they are shameless and blameless. Trump trumps politicians, journalists, Hollywoodites and other mainstream adults by shifting the blame and casting shame on them.

But how do you shame the shameless or blame the blameless?

The students have no shame because they are young, and though they are remarkably smart and telegenic, they hold virtually no social or political responsibilities, as our society sees it. Thus they haven’t besmirched their integrity climbing the often cut-throat ladder of success and have nothing to feel ashamed of, and they certainly aren’t to blame for social problems like gun violence, war or even fake news. They’ve also just lived through an extremely traumatic experience, and their intense shock and justifiable outrage is simply trumping what little personal shame they might harbor. Some of them happen to be theater and/or journalism students so, grievous as all of this is, they are relishing their moments in the spotlight and happy to get into the kitchen and take the heat.

As for Stormy, well, porn stars learn early on that they’d better have thick skins if they’re going to survive and thrive in the adult industry. Thus, you can’t really slut-shame a good, experienced porn star. She’s been there and done that, with a double-anal.

Stormy Daniels certainly is a successful porn star, as well as an award-winning director. I would call her a role model to young people going into the adult industry; by example, she lets you know it’s tough, and you’ll be called every name in the book, but if you’ve got what it takes, you can succeed, just like in any other Hollywood-ish career.  She’s also got “the look,” the tall, slim, golden-haired, long-legged, big-breasted, “all-American” Aryan splendor that spellbound the Donald on a golf course in Lake Tahoe—the same look as some of his favorite beauty pageant contestants and his own sweet, surgically-enhanced daughter Ivanka. But it’s Stormy’s shameless, blameless attitude that really highlights the difference between the blondes.

Call Ivanka a “slut,” and you’re sure to make her furious and maybe even sue you for defamation. Call Stormy a “slut,” and she exults that she’s succeeded at her calling while laughing at your pathetic sanctimony. Then her liberated, bonoboesque mind comes up with a playful retort that grinds your arrogance into abject mortification and often even makes you delete your snarky, slut-shaming tweet. Her twitter timeline is littered with smart comebacks and deleted tweets.

Which brings me to something else that Stormy and the students have in common. They are both masters of modern communications and can beat Lord Emperor Nit-Twit at his own game.

March for Our Lives

The students were born into the web and suckled on social media; it’s as familiar to them as riding a bicycle, and their speeches, interviews and calls for boycotts “go viral” regularly.

Their March for Our Lives last Saturday was one of the biggest protest marches ever. Emma Gonzales was one of the stars. Her speech at the March was historic, not so much for what she said as for what she didn’t say during a “moment of silence” that lasted a full 6 minutes and 20 seconds—the time it took for the shooter to kill 17 of her fellow students and teachers and wound several others.

These “kids you read about in textbooks” are standing up to Trump and Washington lawmakers, most of whom are in bed with the world’s biggest terrorist organization, the NRA, and the card-carrying “ammosexuals” whose gun fetish makes America’s murder rate the highest in the developed world.

It remains to be seen if these students will “change the world.” But already, they’re getting things done that we, “the adults,” couldn’t accomplish without them, such as Florida governor Rick Scott signing a sweeping gun safety bill that raised the age for all gun purchases from 18 to 21, created a three-day waiting period for most firearm purchases and banned bump stocks. Given the NRA’s stronghold on “The Gunshine State,” this is nothing short of amazing.  Beyond that, major American corporations, such as Hertz, Delta and United Airlines, have cut ties with the NRA, thanks to students and their supporters rising up against gun violence throughout this bullet-riddled land.

In a case of the personal being very political, 18-year-old Emma even got Republican pro-NRA Congressional candidate Leslie Gibson to drop out of the race and apologize to her for his infantile, ad hominem attack, calling this brave young survivor a “skinhead lesbian” with nothing to say.

Another Parkland student, David Hogg, just got Trump supporter and Fox News personality Laura Ingraham to apologize (in an obvious effort to save her swiftly fleeing advertisers) for mocking the seventeen-year-old for not getting into UCLA.

That’s called taking your elders to school.

Their classmate, Samantha Fuentes, wounded in the Parkland Valentines Day Massacre, actually PUKED onstage in the middle of her speech—MSM (mainstream media) said she was nervous about speaking before such a large crowd, but I think she was more nauseous than nervous, probably on pain meds, etc. The remarkable thing was that the girl didn’t stop; she just paused as her friends helped clean her up, and then she continued speaking. Now that’s a Super Survivor.

Students beyond Parkland were just as impressive, especially 11-year-old Naomi Wadler. Little Naomi led a walkout in her elementary school in memory of her classmate, Courtland Arrington, recently killed by gun violence. From the DC platform, this pint-sized girl declared, “I am here to acknowledge and represent the African-American girls whose stories don’t make the front page of every national newspaper.” Wadler for President in 2044!

Unsurprisingly, the Trumpus motorcade took the “scenic route” from Trump International Gold Club in West Palm Beach to Mar-a-Lago, ensuring Trumplethinskin wouldn’t pass any of the hundreds of March for Our Lives demonstrators who lined his usual path.

Nevertheless, what an inspirational Children’s Crusade this is. Unlike the original doomedChildren’s Crusade of the Middle Ages, this one might just succeed, more akin to the Civil Rights Movement’s Birmingham Children’s Crusade of 1963 (but hopefully without the police water hoses and attack dogs). In fact, it is already succeeding in changing hearts, minds and gun laws.

Power to the students! Sorry to all your ammosexuals out there who fetishize firearms, but you don’t need automatic weapons for protection.

I know it’s a lot to ask from anybody, let alone a bunch of teens and kids, but in addition to American gun control, there are two points I wish these amazing students would use their charisma and eloquence to address. The first is police brutality. That’s not to say gun lovers are right that they need automatic weapons to defend themselves against a government crackdown—because even their beloved AR-15’s won’t stop police tanks, helicopters and artillery. We need reasonable gun control, and we need to teach our ever more trigger-happy cops how to “protect and serve” without murdering the citizenry, especially innocent citizens of color who are killed disproportionately by racial-profiling, scared and/or stupid cops. Just last week, an innocent, unarmed father of two, Stephon Clark, was murdered by Sacramento police who fired twenty shots into him and waited more than five minutes before administering aid because, they claim, they thought he was holding a gun (it was a cellphone).   Our police need to use less lethal weapons and learn the Bonobo Way of defusing violent tension.

The second point I hope these splendid students address are America’s Perma-Wars still raging in Yemen, Afghanistan, Iraq, parts of Africa and who knows where else. American drones murdering foreign children is no “better” than American maniacs murdering American children. If we really care about senseless killing, we should March for TheirLives, as well as our own.

Stormy Watch

While the students are all over social and mainstream media, Stormy sticks mainly to Twitter, and it’s there that she shows her ability to smackdown all comers and wankers, whether for their stupidity, sex-negativity or bad grammar. Porn stars like Stormy love Twitter, where censorship is less harsh than Facebook and Instagram, and they know the platform like they know how to layer on mascara or give an award-winning blow-job. So, as many in the MSM have acknowledged, Adolf Twittler has met his match.

In so doing, Stormy is certainly expanding on the public’s old stereotype of what it means to be a “porn star,” with her candor, great sense of humor and downright wholesome lifestyle as a caring mom, wife and accomplished equestrienne. Hopefully, it’ll open some people’s eyes to the idiocy of anti-sex legislation like SESTA (Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act), just passed by the Senate in a vote of 98-2, also called FOSTA (Fight Online Sex Trafficking Act) in the House. Though the titles of these bills sound very worthy (who doesn’t want to stop unsavory pimps from forcing kids into prostitution?), they are horribly misleading as SESTA/FOSTA doesn’t do a damn thing to stop sex trafficking and does do a whole lot to endanger the lives of adult sex workers and their clients, as well as drastically curtail the Freedom of Speech of all Internet users.

But back to Stormy, who also did a damn good job on her long-awaited 60 Minutesinterview with Anderson Cooper. Unfortunately, for those of us in the Resistance who have been hoping for a semen-stained dress, a photo of Trump’s shortcomings or a Forbes Magazine with his butt print on it, there are no smoking guns in this much ballyhooed chat with the porn star, her lawyer, some CBS producers and legal experts.

Nevertheless, Stormy’s credibility is strong, and there’s little reason to doubt that she had “textbook generic” sex with the Trumpster when she was 27 and he was 60 back in 2006, and that Trump and/or his personal lawyer and tough-talking, Mafioso-ish “fixer,” Michael Cohen, tried to stop her from talking, paying her “hush money” to sign a dubious non-disclosure agreement and perhaps physically threatening her and her child in a parking lot.

Yes indeed, this story still has legs… and boobs as big as Trump’s inauguration!

And as fake as those boobs might be, Stormy’s torrid tale of finding Trumpty Dumpty “perched” on the edge of his hotel bed when she came out of the restroom has the ring of truth. I also believe her when she says she spanked his bottom, pants down but undies on, with a copy of Forbes featuring his picture on the cover… maybe even the cover with “The 400 Richest People,” featuring Trump, Don Jr. and his darling daughter Ivanka, which happens to have been released in the year of their tryst, 2006.

As a sex therapist that helps many people cope with and enjoy their fetishes, I feel compelled to state that one doesn’t have to be a racist, sexist, narcissistic nincompoop to enjoy a consensual adult spanking by hand, paddle, hairbrush, book or the magazine of your choice. But it certainly rings true when Stormy says that the brief, light spanking she gave this exceptionally self-absorbed big baby made him behave more like a regular, run-of-the-mill, philandering billionaire.

Many of us in the sexuality field have always known that the Cheeto-in-Chief needs to be spanked, probably at least daily, preferably early in the morning before tweeting begins. Are you listening, General Kelley?

Tellingly, Drumpf’s affair with Playboy Playmate Karen McDougal (also told to Anderson Cooper, who is apparently handling the “Mistress Beat” for 60 Minutes and CNN) appears to have occurred at around the same time, just a few months after Melania had given birth to their son Barron. The billionaire cure for post-partum husband blues: one brunette Playmate and one blonde porn star, both stirred and shaken.

Yes, it seems that both Stormy and Karen were “shaken” by the Donald’s characteristically rude and crude behavior, among other things. Poor Karen seems to have really loved the big old Bombastic Blob. Tearfully, she tells Anderson (who must have learned to look so  empathetic from his visit with the bonobos at Lola ya Bonobo) about how Don the John tried to pay for her services, to which she responded, “I’m not that kind of girl” and cried in the cab all the way home.

One takeaway here is that the President is accustomed to paying sex workers, though it’s doubtful he’ll remember that when the time comes to sign that awful anti-sex worker SESTA/FOSTA into law.

Stormy is not so starry-eyed about sex with the old man. Apparently, this porn star doesn’t have a Daddy complex, at least not one the level of our Drumpf Daddy’s unseemly, oft-exposed infatuation with his daughter (both Stormy and Karen say he told them they reminded him of Ivanka). Nevertheless, she admits the sex between them was consensual. Just because she agreed to sex with him doesn’t mean she was attracted to him. Her lack of attraction to the Mango Manchild, but “business decision” to go along with sex anyway, makes sense, though it sounds like a pretty pathetic roll in the hay—for her anyway.

As Stormy and her dynamic attorney, Michael Avenatti, tell it, Don Trumpeone’s consigliere, Michael Cohen, was the main man in the payment of “hush money” to keep Stormy quiet about their affair when word of the candidate’s self-confessed, nonconsensual “pussy-grabbing” was upsettingly fresh. At the time, the mounting Trumposity didn’t want any news of a porn-star affair to soil the Anointed One’s sacred, sordid courtship of the Religious Right, which was fatuously swallowing his flimsy-as-Stormy’s-thongs excuse that his Access Hollywood sexual assault confession was just “locker room talk.” So, Cohen paid Stormy $130,000 to sign a non-disclosure agreement just days before the November 8, 2016 election, which could be an illegal, unreported campaign contribution far higher than the $2700 limit for individual donors, whether or not Don Grabby-Hands actually paid him back. This is where things can get nasty.

So nasty that Trump hired another attorney, Charles Harder (sounds like he’s the porn star), best known for representing Hulk Hogan in his lawsuit against Gawker, which resulted in its bankruptcy, a case that was bankrolled by billionaire Paypal founder and Facebook board member Peter Thiel. A rather worried Trumpus also took a meeting with one Emmet Flood, Bill Clinton’s old impeachment lawyer.

Trump’s attorneys obtained a restraining order against Stormy, and they are now suing her for $20 million for breaking an agreement that Trump claims to know nothing about (the signature on the agreement is one not-so-mysterious, lyrically alliterative “David Dennison”). They’re also trying to move the case to federal court.  Having tried a case inpro per myself in federal court, I know from personal experience that these cases are a lot less open to the public than other courts, which is precisely Trump’s motivation for moving his Stormy case there. Though a lot of good it does “David Dennison” to keep it “secret” when most of the details have already spilled all over the Internet like splooge from a leaky condom. It’s possible the lawsuit is to serve as a warning to other paramours from Trump’s past not to come forward as well.

Though Stormy’s 60 minutes interview doesn’t quite trump Independent Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, as some of us had hoped it would, it could become Mueller’s key to making Michael “The Fixer” Cohen spill the beans about his beloved boss. Or maybe it will tangle up these bozos and make them trip over their own ties.  Moreover, Stormy recently amended her lawsuit alleging that Cohen defamed her and violated campaign finance law by brokering their “hush agreement” just before the 2016 election. To be continued (sigh)…

Whatever comes to pass, in these trying times on the edge of the gun-mad, nuke-threatening, earth-raping Trumpocalypse of my own benighted generation’s making, I put my hopes in the youth of America and in the porn stars that shine above us.

Susan Block, Ph.D., a.k.a. “Dr. Suzy,” is a world renowned LA sex therapist, author of The Bonobo Way: The Evolution of Peace through Pleasure and horny housewife, occasionally seen on HBO and other channels. For information and speaking engagements, call 626-461-5950. Email her at