Sean Spicer Explains the Holocaust

OK, we got it wrong. They were not Death Camps that Nazis ran, but Holocaust Centers. People who entered were greeted by uniformed servants and asked if they liked the accommodations, had need for Kosher food or was regular cooking good enough. Then, since they had traveled many hours in crowded railroad cars, families were asked to please take showers to insure lice did not accompany them into their new quarters. The children were handed candies and apologies were made for the scant menu choices — after all there was a war going on. Thank you Mr. Spicer for clarifying the Holocaust. Let’s see how you do on slavery.

William Loren Katz is the author of 40 books on African American history, and has been associated with New York University as an instructor and Scholar in Residence since 1973. His website is Read an interview with Katz about his life teaching and writing history.