The New World Order Hits Quebec City

Since Alexandre Bissonnette, age 27, shot and killed six people during prayers at the Grande mosquée de Québec, theories have abounded to explain how this came to happen. Fingers are pointed at Donald Trump, Marine Le Pen, Quebec City’s trash radios, the Quebec independence movement or Quebec nationalism (which is not the same thing), Islamophobia, and the ill-fated Quebec Charter of values, to name just a few of the culprits identified. Though these might be factors, the theories behind them are either simplistic or insufficient or both.

Let’s look at a few of them. Several people have written that the hate killing was the “result of 15 years of Islamophobia in Quebec.” Yet 13 years ago, proportionally speaking, the largest demonstrations in the world against the war on Iraq took place in Montreal, Quebec, despite temperatures of minus 25º. Those demonstrations and the fact that the governing party in Quebec City, the Parti Québécois, and the opposition parties opposed the war explain more than anything else why Canada did not join the war in Iraq. Quebecers were vilified for their opposition, both by English Canadians and Americans (Hillary Clinton voted for that war). Again in summer 2006, when Israel invaded Lebanon, huge marches were held in Montreal with the leaders of Quebec indépendantistes at the front. Quebecers and their nationalist were vilified for taking that stand and accused of being manipulated by the Hezbollah and of being anti-Semitic. Not exactly glaring examples of Islamophobia.

It is said that Bissonnette “liked” Donald Trump and Marine Le Pen because that is what his Facebook page indicated before it was removed. Yet he also “liked” Canada’s late leader of the NDP, Jack Layton, well known as a respected anti-war social democrat. He also liked Katie Perry, the Israel Defense Forces, Christopher Hitchens, Pope John Paul II, HG Wells, Tom Hanks, and many more. In short, beware of drawing hasty conclusions from bits of information gleaned from a now disappeared page.

Trash radio always preys on troubled minds in troubled times. But by choosing to blame Quebec City’s trash radio, only logically, you have to remove the Quebec sovereigntist movement from the list of culprits. Why? Because Quebec sovereigntists, who are generally center left, have been the number one targets of that trash radio for many years. For example, if they had had their way Pierre Falardeau, the late great Quebec filmmaker and a militant indépendantiste, would have been drawn and quartered because he had said that a 250th anniversary celebration of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham of 1759 which made Canada a British colony, would only be held over “his dead body.” He won, the celebration was cancelled, but he passed away a month later.

Some try to pin the responsibility on the ill-fated and wrongly-named Charter of Values proposed by the Parti Québécois in 2013. Though the public debate that arose took a bad turn, it would be wrong to attribute the terrible killing in Quebec City to it. The proposal and the party that defended were roundly defeated in the 2014 election and that party has since pretty well dropped all talk about it, knowing that it is a nonstarter.

Trump’s executive order on immigration is often referred to. Yet the worst aspect of that order is its hypocrisy. Based on the Obama administration’s own list of states accused of sponsoring terrorists, Trump like his predecessor totally exempts the known state supporters of Islamic terrorists, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other Gulf monarchies.

Interestingly, the alleged killer, Alexandre Bissonnette, is 27 years old. That means he was born the very year that George Bush Sr. announced the beginning of the New World Order. A month before Bush made that announcement, the US launched the first war on Iraq, thus beginning years of killing and violence in that country and that region.

It was a New Order in which one superpower and its allies would decide which countries would be allowed to continue business as usual and which ones required “regime change.” And “regime change” would be effected by every US administration that followed Bush Sr. Methods varied but the themes would remain the same. We know what is best, our vital interests are at stake, America is exceptional, we defend human rights, international law based on the sovereign equality of all states is a thing of the past and we will take the law into our own hands, we have the power and the bombs to enforce what is right, you cannot go it on your own, might is right.

This New World Order has been imposed by a variety of means, such as:

+ Proxy wars armed “rebels,” like the RPF in Rwanda and the Congo (1994-98)

+ Violation of international law and massive bombing as in the former Yugoslavia (1999)

+ Imperial diktat in Afghanistan,

+ Lies about weapons of mass destruction, illegal invasion and bombs in Iraq in 2003

+ No-fly zones, support for extreme forms of political Islam in Libya, a massive NATO bombing campaign and the assassination of the president of Muammar Gaddafi – “We came, we saw, he died” chortled Hillary Clinton.

+ Obama’s demand for regime change in Syria accompanied by creation and support of Islamic terrorists, both with arms and money and both directly and indirectly through the royal dictatorships of Saudi Arabia, Qatar and others

+ Constant unabashed alliance with these royal dictatorships that provide the military, financial and ideological support for the worst forms of terrorism

+ Unwavering military, financial and political support for Israel.

Imposition of the New World Order went unchallenged on the international scene until Russia decided to say “Whoa back, not so fast.” The enemy has now become Russia and Vladimir Putin, to a point that war could be just around the corner.

So what does the New World Order have to do with the terrible killing at the Grande mosquée de Québec? The short answer is everything. We have accepted that “might is right,” abandoned the rule of international law based on the sovereign equality of all states, closed our eyes to “regime change,” and proxy wars by terrorists that we aid and abet through such allies as Saudi Arabia.

Alexandre Bissonnette liked the military, liked weapons and had learned how to handle them in the army cadets. A often-shunned loner who trolled the Internet, he disliked feminists and feared and disliked Muslims. He is probably like many of the other young people elsewhere in the world, rudderless in the New World Order, who have taken up arms in the past 20 years and committed senseless politically motivated violent crimes.

It is true that Alexandre Bissonnette is a Quebec homegrown terrorist. Yet just as homegrown vegetables can only be as organic as the surrounding earth and atmosphere allows, Quebec’s homegrown terrorist is also a product of the New World Order that has been foisted upon us all.

And worst of all the six people he killed and six he wounded are also indirect victims of that New World Order.