August 2015

L.A. Police Union Bought Newspaper Stock, Used Leverage to Try to Fire Editorial Staffers It Accused of Being Anti-Police

After Hiroshima and Nagasaki, a Third Nuclear Atrocity: the Corruption of Science

Democracy in America

From Yarmouk to Shatila: an Odyssey of Misery

“This Town is Dead”: the Long Decline of Arecibo, Puerto Rico

Why the Future Doesn’t Need Us, Revisited

Jimmy Carter’s Blood-Drenched Legacy

Huffington Post Arabic: a New Lair for the Muslim Brotherhood?

In the Old Days, When the Los Angeles Times Stood Up For Cartoonists

“Straight Outta Compton:” a Reaction with Spoilers

War Begets War Refugees: the Moral Bankruptcy of Italy and NATO

College Athletes Won’t Be Allowed to Unionize

Untold Suffering in Foua and Kafarya: Two Northwestern Syrian Villages Under Siege and Assault by NATO’s Terrorists

New Orleans a Decade After Katrina: ‘Waiting for Godot’ Courtesy of Disaster Capitalism

Forced-Feeding is Torture: Israel’s Latest Scheme to Dehumanize Palestinian Prisoners

Julian Bond: a Leader With Clarity, Courage and Strength

Children Fight Governmental Climate Policies

Katie Couric’s Hit Job on Social Security

The Marginalization of Donald Trump

Populist Dimorphism: Trump and Sanders

Donald Trump’s America

The US / Israeli Conflict is Finally Visible for All to See

Why the Retreat of Foreign Investment From Africa Means Less Looting

One Pound Capitalism, a Pinch of Democracy, and the Not-So-Holy Buffalo

Where the TPP Could Lose

US vs China in Djibouti

Gehry Does Paris: Late Capitalism’s Theme Park

Why Republicans Won’t Play Politics, and Why We Won’t Get Angry

Assert Your Rights, We’ve Got Your Back

Europe’s Forgotten History: From Human Zoos to Human Trophies Displayed in Museums Today

Subverting Illusions: Julian Assange and the Value of WikiLeaks

The Grim Externalities of

Julian Bond and SNCC Members, Atlanta, 1963

Fifty Years Later: America’s Magical Shores

The Refugees Are Coming!!!

Probing the Deep State — On TV

Is There Anything Progressive About Hillary’s Economic Plan?

Turkey at the Seams: Hasan Ali Toptaș’s “Reckless”

Torturing Chelsea Manning in Prison

Do You Want to be Free?

SYRIZA Votes for a Disastrous New EU Austerity Program

Jewish Terrorists and Administrative Detention

Is Putin Planning to Sell-Out Assad? 

America, Race and the Economics of the Precipice

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Pedal to the Metal on the Autobahn

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