Priti Gulati Cox

Priti Gulati Cox is an interdisciplinary artist, and a local coordinator for the peace and justice organization CODEPINK. She lives in Salina, Kansas, and can be reached at Please click here to see more of her work.

Purple Derechos

American While Black

One Pound Capitalism, a Pinch of Democracy and Keep On Keepin’ On

Patterns of Occupied Palestine and Kashmir: Part 4 of Uncountable

One Pound Capitalism, a Pinch of Democracy, and an Impeachment

Patterns of Occupied Palestine: Part 3 of Uncountable

Sidewalk Museum of Congress: Who Says Kansas is Flat?

Was It a Thumbs Up Sign or a Finger Gun Pointing at Us?

Patterns of Occupied Palestine: Part 2 of Uncountable

Patterns of Occupied Palestine: Part 1 of Uncountable

“Maria! Maria! It Was Maria That Destroyed Us!” The Human Story

A Confrontation With Kobach’s Chamcha (Lackey, in Hindi)

Finding Her Voice in a Deaf “Homeland”

India Celebrates Democracy, Kashmir Cries Hypocrisy

March 8, 2017, Yet Another Day Without a Dalit or Adivasi Woman

The Indomitable Teesta Under Attack….Again

11/8: America’s Got President & India’s Got No Cash

Now You Don’t See Me, Now You Don’t

President Obama: Before the Empire Falls, Free Leonard Peltier and Mumia Abu-Jamal

The Biggest Elephant in Our Rooms Stands 5’2” Tall and Her Name is Chelsea

All That Glitters is Feardom: Whatever Happens, Don’t Blame Jill Stein

Broken Green: Two Years of Modi

From Trump to Modi: the Lid’s Off the Petri Dish (Includes a Packaged Meal)

Jatindia: a Flag of Atrocities Caste, Present and Future

Spontaneous Histories, Bungled Borders and Perennial Victims

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