August 2015

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The Trump Phenomenon: This is Getting Serious

Connecting the Dots in Ecuador: Under – and On Top of – the Volcano

“Hamilton: the Musical:” Black Actors Dress Up like Slave Traders…and It’s Not Halloween

Rosalie Little Thunder: a Real American Hero

A Yellow River Runs Through It: the Animas Disaster and the Great Web of Things

Iran Nuclear Deal: Diplomacy or War?

Panic Attackers: Grass-Roots Challenge Sparks High-Level Hissy Fit

Masters of the Hunt: Florida’s Black Bear and the Conquest of Nature

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The Russell-Einstein Peace Manifesto of 1955

Consorting With the Devil

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War Resistance and the Cowardice Slur

“Human Rights” in the Arab World: the Instruments of War, a Test Case for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

Maid to Order: Scenes of Class Struggle in the Household

Black Lives > White Feelings: a Kingian Defense of #BlackLivesMatter

The Magician’s Apprentice

The Economic Crisis has a Family Reunion

Ecuador Government Spied on Opponents and Enviro Activists

Take Time to Smell the Flowers