August 2015

The Spectacle of American Violence and the Cure for Donald Trump

The Iran Agreement and Israel’s Claim to Speak for the Jews

Trump the Fascist

How to Democratize the UN

The United States of Stupidity

Go the Extra Mile: an Open Letter to Rep. Jerrold Nadler

Israel’s Thug at the UN

A Message to American Mothers About Sex in the Military

Graveyard of Social Movements

The Prophet Farmed: Murray Bookchin on Bernie Sanders

The Secret Agenda Behind the Venezuela-Guyana Conflict

Anarchism, Marxism and Victor Serge

President Trump: the First 100 Days

Can Bernie Sanders Win the Nomination?

Destructive Global Dependencies

Ireland: Obesity, the “Western Diet” and the Global Food Challenge

Poor Mothers Don’t Matter in Welfare Policy

The Case of Glyphosate: Product Promoters Masquerading as Regulators?

Central Banks Have Become a Corrupting Force

Kiev Mobilized for Full-Scale Aggression on Donbass

The Trump Phenomenon: This is Getting Serious

Wall Street Panic

When Bernie Sanders Came to Town

Consorting With the Devil

Panic Attackers: Grass-Roots Challenge Sparks High-Level Hissy Fit

Masters of the Hunt: Florida’s Black Bear and the Conquest of Nature

Democracy for Cuba: It Could be So Much More Interesting

Meet the New Israeli UN Ambassador: Yet Another Farcical Face of Modern Apartheid

Let’s Bomb Libya Again!

Anti-Hillary: Across the Spectrum

A Non-Manifesto for What is to be Done

What’s So Great About Running for President?

A Pop Quiz on How to Save Social Security

Surveillance, the American Way: NSA-AT&T Cohabitation

Cuba and the United States: the Claims Game

The Russell-Einstein Peace Manifesto of 1955

The Hunter and the Hunted

Dismantling Ted Cruz’s Global Warming Statement

Deadly Cheering for War in Ukraine by Western Press

The West Spreads Intellectual Idiocy

The Plague of American Authoritarianism

The Douma Market Attack: a Fabricated Pretext for Intervention?

The Migration Backwards

War Resistance and the Cowardice Slur

“Human Rights” in the Arab World: the Instruments of War, a Test Case for the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights

The Basic Income Debate: Political, Philosophical and Economic Issues

Class vs. Culture: Reframing Political Struggle

Maid to Order: Scenes of Class Struggle in the Household

Black Lives > White Feelings: a Kingian Defense of #BlackLivesMatter

Entire Lives