The Top Five Hits of Globalization

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men
Gang aft a-gley,


We’ve always been at war with Eastasia


Corporatism is the scourge of ‘Oceania’; that it should have become so no product of ‘happenstance’ – but rather a mere scheme concerning transfer of resources?

A scheme which has a ‘playbook’ such the ‘game’?

Imagine if you will the political consequences of ‘no need’; imagine a world in which people had no orifices demanding being fed, watered, pleasured such the contingency. Extrapolate upon ‘consciousness’ to examine the origins; the ontology, of control – and so to look upon the origins of temptation as bitter knowledge of ‘good’ and ‘evil’ context of ‘moral economics’?

Out in the wilderness of ‘Oceania’ there are sounds other than the baying of wolves; the wilderness being primarily of psycho political construction as per ‘scheme’ in the quote by Burns above, but sheep – and lambs indeed – still ‘subsist’ here(!); albeit their ‘voices’ as a communication quietened by ‘hegemony’ to the growth of an Animal Farm which mainstream, in the land of illusion as it were; and yes, these small quarters do wish to transcend the boundaries of what deemed possible by mere constraint of ‘Orthodoxy’ – and yes there so consequent a resistance against the best laid schemes which would so consequent point out the ‘Cui Bono?’ in so far as the detailing of a mere ‘playbook’ which has led to such tragedy as countless millions have suffered from, to the cause of a mere transfer of resources; that a large part of the World may be ‘stolen’, sense of farmed, manner of a ‘CAFO‘, and equals reduced commensurate with such terms as ‘untermensch’ or mere ‘goyim‘, and rationalized by referenced to ‘manifesto’ or ‘Bible’ or ‘Talmud’.

Because it matters not the terminology when it comes to the ‘hit’ of mere scheme; what matters is the abrogation, the embrace of illusion, the sly feed upon expropriation – and the parade of the ‘Emperors’ in but pageants so consequent the acceptance by the masses of being fed ‘shit’ and kept in the dark thru such ‘embrace’ of purposively constructed illusion?

Emperors which have become ‘nude’, such the sufferance inflicted upon the Majority as it comes out of the mouth of a mere babe to decry, such the bond of Truth to Man, such the gift of Eternality as synonymous with Life and Liberty?

Objective this small article is to detail the ‘playbook’ of a small minority which sees itself as superior to these small quarters and to the Majority; which would trick and deceive ‘Mankind’ into slavery, which would impose illusion as a forceful ‘blot’ over truth as to ‘control and manipulation’; which would sell out Humanity in favor of ‘profit’, and which would have the People believe there is no other way- that such scheme is inevitable and must progress to logical conclusion.

As these small quarters write, most of the Western World is in ‘ruins’. It, a ruination which goes by the way of the treatment of People by a small minority and consequent of a scheme concerning the transfer of resources which would be accepted as ‘economic reality’ thru which Capitalist Democracy has been hijacked and degenerated to mere Corporatism. Greed as a pathology has ‘succeeded’ in corrupting ‘morality’, and such would have it as there is no ‘other way’; that there can be ‘Socialism’ only for the ‘Wealthy’; that only an oppressive minority can ‘find’ such a grip on ‘power’ as to perpetuate same? Poverty seems inevitable as the sufferance it inflicts consequent of unfair share being taken, political representation seems to be impossible sense of majority, as the People have no money to buy ‘votes’ – even the truth seems to be so distant given the fact that so few Corporations control and manipulate so much of the media and the ‘currency’ they represent?

This austerity as a ruination of the quality of life for the Democratic Majority of the Western World is no mere product of happenstance. On the contrary it is expressive of warfare, and this small article seeks to detail the mechanisms and means as a ‘modus operandi‘ for what amounts to the destruction of Democracy in a schemed degeneration to Corporatism by way of ‘hits’ on behalf of an Oligarchic Collective as Orwell put it, or the 1% as is more contemporaneously referred to.

So – to the top five ‘hits’ of Globalization.

1. Monetizing Politics.

The traditional two party political contest of Western Capitalist Democracy, e.g. Republicans and Democrats (USA), New Labour and Conservative (UK), Christlich Demokratische Union Deutschlands and Sozialdemokratische Partei Deutschlands (Germany), The Parti Socialiste and the Union Pour un Mouvement Populaire (France), has been ‘monetized’ to the point of corporatist consensus where same Orthodoxy dictates that there is no real choice available to the electorate, to the point that regardless of the result of any so called ‘election’ it can be said to the People: ‘meet the new boss, just the same as the old boss’?

The two contenders for ‘power’ as political parties have been transformed thru the degeneration of ‘monetization’ into being no more than ‘nickels and dimes’ (see quote below) in the pockets of Corporatism, and in this process genuine moral economic issues have been incorporated or ‘repressively de sublimated’ into an acceptable consensus whereby the interests of the People have been marginalized to ensure a perpetuation of the transfer of resources as according to the agenda of the Oligarchy which would have Globalization prevail as an austerity, and the sovereignty of States wither, such the vine, such the corporatist ‘yard’ taken?

The term ‘monetizing’ in context above means that political parties are themselves incorporated, being an expression of the power of money in Corporatism as a degeneracy, which ensures that funding for parties comes from private interests, and ‘representation’ of parties to the People comes largely thru the mass media which has itself been monetized, as evident in the concentration of ownership, most notably i.e. discernibly, in the USA?

(The concept of ‘monetized politics’ is perhaps best illustrated in the film ‘The Godfather’ where Solozzo says:

I need, Don Corleone, all of those politicians that you carry around in your pocket, like so many nickels and dimes.‘)

With reference to the USA, see here for the legalization of monetization of Politics.

2. The Destruction of State as Sovereign Entity.

A lynchpin of the Globalization movement is the transcendence of Corporatist interests over the interests of the People, and this entails the destruction of any concept of ‘State Sovereignty’. While hit ‘numero uno’as detailed above in ‘monetizing politics’ ensures that ‘radical’ political ideologies are marginalized, it is imperative for the Corporatist Agenda serving the 1% that at the level of ‘State’ there is subjugation towards what is schemed to amount to ‘World Government’. This is no more than an ‘Animal Farm’ of homogenization and standardization evident for example, in the establishment of the ‘European Union’ and other such ‘free trade’ agreements, whereby the right to dissent from agenda determined by private interests is abrogated. Money Incorporated means the ‘right’ to ‘fuck’ the People over is established and institutionalized; the reality being that Globalists see the World as overpopulated, and as such a large part of the People are ‘surplus to requirements’ – as is the concept of ‘Sovereignty of State’ so surplus?

3. Free Movement of People as an ‘Arbitrage’

The current controversy over Freedom of Movement and ‘Immigration’ is subjugate to hit 2 above; in effect as to the playbook, there is deployment of an ‘army’ of migrant labor to further reduce the State in context of homogenization and standardization by pitting one People against another to an arbitrage of desperation, context of austerity to a deliberately cultivated disease, or virus, apropos of an economic warfare ‘laboratory’ in which Corporatism is always ‘victorious’, context of an austere degeneration as schemed and as would be ‘enshrined’ in legislation. States have boundaries geographical in so far as ‘geopolitical’ – and the only geopolitics in town are, as according to the Corporatist agenda, those of the ‘free market’. This particular ‘hit’ being categorizable as a form of ‘outsource’ in terms of weakening States. The Schengen agreement in case of the European Union as well as the unrestricted immigration of Mexican Labor into the USA typifies? The biggest ‘fucking deal’ as Vice President Biden could put it in this context of free market is the Trans-Pacific Partnership which is shrouded in secrecy. Wonder why.

4. Debt is the Weapon

This one in at number four, but the reality is that private control of the issue and control of currency as detailed by Mayer Amschel Rothschild is perhaps the primary lynchpin in the machinery of the War/Racket which known as ‘Globalization’? Much as the Germans made of Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer in World War 11 so would Corporatists as Stateless Bastards make of ‘One World, One Currency, One Oligarchy‘ in World War 111 but that such not propagated so? The control and issue of currency by private interests is the major means of destruction of State in the 21st Century as it enables resources to be accumulated by a ‘hidden taxation’ on the People who accept such currency as a means of facilitating exchange of ‘value’. Debt is a weapon as an ‘economic hit’ carried out against Sovereign States in context of ‘Incorporation’ as detailed by Perkins; this relies upon the corruption or monetization of ‘Politicians’ to ‘sell out’ in favor of accepting debt at usurious rates of interest to fund such as ‘infrastructure projects’. The particular detail of what funded matters not, what matters is the debt? In the history of the European Union, the European Social Fund (ESF) and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) illustrate the deployment of debt as a weapon? This context, the tolerated absence of taxation upon Corporations is a further destructive component of debt as a weapon and the arrogation of Globalists over the rights of the State as Sovereign?

5. War is a Racket

Supposing a particular State, notably those as happen to be in the vicinity of Israel, refuses all the ‘offers’ as in the above? Then it becomes necessary to establish a ‘casus belli’ for War. Afghanistan it was the hiding of Bin Laden. Iraq it was the possession of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. Libya it was the prevention of genocide and responsibility to protect. Syria is ongoing, we have had chemical weapons, the shooting down of an airliner, and now we have ISIS. Syria marks a turning point, sense of Russia as a Superpower stepping up to the mark? The response was to attack the Ukraine, primarily by monetizing politics there as per the Victoria Nuland tape, although the deployment of some 5 Billion Dollars also played a part. In course of this trajectory of degeneration as concerns ‘Oceania’ there has been much collateral damage. The real depravity which that great American Smedley Butler outlined in his identification of war as being no more than a racket is being further explicated by the oligarchs of the Western World which would have ‘Globalization’? Perchance the most outstanding illustration of same, with respect to ISIS, is to be found here?

The real tragedy is that War is unnecessary, and that the economic warfare of austerity which led to the events of 2007-2008AD is no more than a mere consolidation exercise?

But that, as in the fable of the ‘boy who cried wolf’, the People of the Western World are growing as aware as weary of the ‘playbook lies’ which support illusion? Certainly the People are weary of austerity. The People do not want War, they want ‘Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness’ or Liberté, Égalité, Fraternité. The People want the right to diversity, but above all the right to political representation. The illusion of austerity which would express control and manipulation to serve the interests of the few is indeed dying, and we are in consequence on the brink of a new era of enlightenment, but it has been, and continues to be at the price of so much sufferance. The playbook of the Stateless is becoming cliché and so wearing out no matter how hard the ‘boosters’ of Corporatism as but part of the 15% serving the 1% would have it otherwise, and the ‘sleeping giant’ of the People as a Democratic Majority in the yet Sovereign States of the Western World is awakening? The greatest fear of the Oligarchy which would ‘build’ upon control and manipulation of the Western World towards ‘Globalization’ as some pathological nightmare for the People is coming true, and as Burns could put it, in consequence their scheme is going a-gley?

The playbook of the Stateless is becoming clear as a hidden agenda, and further failure as inevitability awaits? It is a playbook which relies upon corruption, and here the prescience of Orwell in respect of the 1/15/84 ratio must be acknowledged. Militarizing the 15%, alongside militarizing the Law is part of the downward spiral of ‘Austerity’ as a theft from the People. Is ‘Militarizing’ synonymous with ‘Monetizing’ this context?

This space should be watched for expansion upon this point alongside an evaluation of Orwell’s conclusion that:

If there is hope it lies with the proles’.

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com

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Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com

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