CounterPunch’s Favorite 100 Nonfiction Books in Translation, Published in English Since 1900

The South Pole: an account of the Norwegian Antarctic expedition, 1910-1912

Roald Amundsen

Theater and Its Double
Antonin Artaud

Minima Moralia: Reflections from a Damaged Life
Theodor Adorno

The Hour of Our Death
Philippe Aries


The Representation of Reality
in Western Literature
Erich Auerbach

The Poetics of Space
Gaston Bachelard

Roland Barthes

Eroticism: death and sensuality
Georges Bataille

The Egyptian, Syrian, and Iraqi Revolutions: Some Observations on Their Underlying Causes and Social Character
Hanna Batatu

Orson Welles: a critical view
Andre Bazin

Walter Benjamin

Black Elk Speaks
Black Elk

Feudal Society
Marc Bloch

Chinook Texts (out of print)
Franz Boas
(Compiler and Translator)

Other Inquisitions
Jorge Luis Borges

The Mediterranean and the Mediterranean World in the Age of Philip II
Fernand Braudel

The Development of an Aesthetic
Bertolt Brecht

Manifestoes of Surrealism
Andre Breton

The Evolution of Rock Art in the Caves of France
Abbe Henri Breuil

My Last Sigh
Luis Bunuel

Homo Necans: the Anthropology of Ancient Greek Sacrificial Ritual and Myth
Walter Burkert

Man, Play and Games (out of print)
Roger Caillois

Political and Social Writings: 1961-1979: Recommencing the Revolution: From Socialism to the Autonomous Society
Cornelius Castoriadis

Theory of Peasant Economy
Alexander V. Chayanov

Towards a New Architecture
Le Corbusier

Traditional French Cooking (out of print)

Rebellion in the Backlands (out of print)
Euclides da Cunha

The Secret Life of Salvador Dali
Salvador Dali

The Second Sex
Simone De Beauvoir

The Society of the Spectacle
Guy Debord

Of Grammatology
Jacques Derrida

Gardens of Adonis: Spices in Greek Mythology
Marcel Detienne

Stranglehold on Africa
Rene Dumont

Suicide: A Study in Sociology
Emile Durkheim

Film Form
Sergei Eisenstein

The Sacred and the Profane: the nature of religion
Mircea Eliade

The Civilizing Process
Norbert Elias

The Wretched of the Earth
Frantz Fanon

Architecture for the Poor : An Experiment in Rural Egypt
Hassan Fathy

History of Art (out of print)
Elie Faure

Discipline and Punish: the birth of the prison
Michel Foucault

The History of Sexuality: an introduction
Michel Foucault

The Diary of a Young Girl
Anne Frank

Pedagogy of the Oppressed
Paulo Freire

The Psychopathology of Everyday Life
Sigmund Freud

Three Essays in the Theory of Sexuality
Sigmund Freud

The Dancing Bees: an account of the life and senses of the honey bee (out of print)
Karl von Frisch

Reflections of Eden: My Years with the Orangutans of Borneo 
Birute Galdikas

Memories of Fire
Eduardo Galeano

Gandhi: An Autobiography : The Story of My ExperimentsWith Truth
Mohandas Gandhi

How We Won the War
Vo Nguyen Giap

Travels in the Congo
Andre Gide

Mechanization Takes Command (out of print)
Sigfried Giedion

The Bog People: Iron Age Man Preserved (out of print)
P.V. Glob

Capitalism, Socialism, Ecology
Andre Gorz

How New York Stole the Idea of Modern Art (out of print)
Serge Guilbaut

Art and Illusion
Ernst Hans Gombrich

Prison Notebooks
Antonio Gramsci

Episodes of the Cuban Revolutionary War, 1956-58
Ernesto “Che” Guevara

A Theology of Liberation: history, politics and salvation
Gustavo Gutierrez

Seven Years in Tibet 
Heinrich Harrer

The Social History of Art
Arnold Hauser


Thor Heyerdahl

This Sex Which Is Not One 
Luce Irigaray

Being and Time
Martin Heidegger

The Dialectic of Englightenment
Max Horkheimer and
Theodor Adorno

Autumn of the Middle Ages
Johan Huizinga

The Gardens of Japan
Teiji Itoh

The Gnostic Religion
Hans Jonas

I Ching
(introduction by Carl Jung)

Memories, Dreams, Reflections
Carl Jung

Kama-Sutra: Complete and Unexpurgated Translation
Alain Danielou (translator)

Kamapua’a: The Hawai’ian Pig-God (out of print)
Lilikala Kame’Eleihiwa

Shakespeare Our Contemporary
Jan Kott

Psychopathia Sexualis
Richard von Krafft-Ebing

The Conquest of Bread
Petr Kropotkin


The Promised Land of Error
Emmanuel Le Roi Ladurie

The State and Revolution
Vladimir Lenin

The Coming of the French Revolution
Georges Lefebvre

Critique of Everyday Life (out of print)
Henri Lefebvre

The Broken Spears: the Aztec Account of the Conquest of Mexico
Miguel Leon-Portilla

Tristes Tropiques
Claude Levi-Strauss

Christ Stopped at Eboli: the story of a year
Carlo Levi

The Periodic Table
Primo Levi

Russia: an architecture for world revolution (out of print)
El Lissitsky

Ornament and Crime
Adolf Loos

Man Meets Dog
Konrad Lorenz

History and Class Consciousness
Georg Lukacs

Lumumba Speaks: the Speeches and Writings of Patrice Lumumba
Patrice Lumumba

Luxemburg Speaks
Rosa Luxemburg

The Diaries
Alma Mahler-Werfel

The Works of the People of Old : Na Hana a Ka Po’E Kahiko
Samuel Manaiakalani Kamakau

On Guerrilla Warfare
Mao Tse-Tung

Shadows of Tender Fury: The Letters and Communiques of Subcomandante Marcos and the Zapatista Army of National Liberation
Subcomandante Marcos

The Economic and Philosophic Manuscripts of 1844
Karl Marx

The Gift: The Form and Reason for Exchange in Archaic Societies
Marcel Mauss

I, Rigoberta Menchu: An Indian Woman in Guatemala
Rigoberta Menchu

Sense and Non-Sense
Maurice Merleau Ponty

A History of Russian Literature: From Its Beginnings to 1900
Dmitry Svyatopolk Mirsky

The Book of Five Rings
Miyamoto Musashi

Ecology, Community and Lifestyle: Outline of an Ecosophy
Arne Naess

Behemoth: the structure and practice of National Socialism 1933-44 (out of print)
Franz Neuman

Hiroshima Notes
Kenzaburo Oe

Perspective As Symbolic Form
Erwin Panofsky

The Mind and Society (out of print)
Vilfredo Pareto

My Life and the Beautiful Game
(Translated by Robt. Fish)

Morphology of the Folktale

Vladimir Aioakovlevich Propp

Character Analysis
Wilhelm Reich

Renoir, My Father (out of print)
Jean Renoir

For a New Novel: Essays on Fiction
Alain Robbe-Grillet

Memoirs from the Women’s Prison
Nawal el Saadawi

Letters from Prison
Marquis de Sade

War Diaries: Notebooks from a Phony War, 1939-40
Jean-Paul Sartre

Course in General Linguistics
Ferdinand de Saussure

Sabbatai Sevi: the mystical messiah
Gershom Gerhard Scholem

Hibakusha: Accounts by Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki
Gaynor Sekimori (Translator)

Memoirs of a Revolutionary (out of print)
Victor Serge

Pillow Book of Sei Shonagon
Sei Shonagon

The Philosophy of Money 
Georg Simmel

Critique of Cynical Reason
Peter Sloterdijk

Reflections on Violence
Georges Sorel

An Actor Prepares
Konstantin Stanislavski

The Russian Revolution, 1917 (out of print)
N. N. Sukhanov

Zen Buddhism
D.T. Suzuki

Popol Vuh : The Mayan Book of the Dawn of Life
Dennis Tedlock (Translator)

Tibetan Book of the Dead
Robert Thurman (translator)

Curious Naturalists (out of print)
Niko Tinbergen

The Social Teachings of the Christian Churches
Ernst Troeltsch

The Films in My Life
Francois Truffaut

The Complete Letters
Vincent Van Gogh

Worlds in Collision (out of print)
Immanuel Velikovsky

The Roman Empire
Paul Veyne

The Forty Days of Musa Dagh 
Franz Werfel

The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism
Max Weber

Oriental Despotism: A Comparative Study of Total Power (out of print)
Karl August Wittfogel

Philosophical Investigations
Ludwig Wittgenstein

On the Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time: Situationist International 1957-1972 (out of print)
Peter Wollen

A World of Yesterday
Stefan Zweig

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September 13, 2019
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Rob Urie
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Anthony DiMaggio
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Jeffrey St. Clair
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Sasan Fayazmanesh
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David Rosen
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Ishmael Reed
When You Mess With Creation Myths, the Knives Come Out
Michael Hudson
Break Up the Democratic Party?
Paul Tritschler
What If This is as Good as It Gets?
Jonah Raskin
Uncensored Tony Serra: Consummate Criminal Defense Lawyer
Ryan Gunderson
Here’s to the Last Philosophes, the Frankfurt School
Michael T. Klare
The Pompeo Doctrine: How to Seize the Arctic’s Resources, Now Accessible Due to Climate Change (Just Don’t Mention Those Words!)
Luke O'Neil
I Would Want To Drink Their Blood: God Will Punish Them
Louis Proyect
The Intellectual Development of Karl Marx
Tom Clifford
How China Sees the World
Kelsey Hawkins-Johnson – Negin Owliaei
Who’s Burning the Amazon?
Yasin Khan
Rideshare Drivers are Employees, Not Contractors
Ralph Nader
Big Business Lies Taught a Watchful Donald Trump
Binoy Kampmark
The Sacking of John Bolton
Andrea Maki
Wild Love Preserve Founder: Our Path Forward
Jeremy Kuzmarov
The War in Eastern Ukraine May be Coming to an End But Do Any Americans Care?
Tim Davis – Stan Grier
Protect the Sacred Grizzly Bear, Follow Those Who Know Grandmother Earth
Clark T. Scott
Super-Delegated and Relegated
Jim Britell
Lessons From America’s Greatest Grassroots Campaigns 
Howie Hawkins
Workers Need More Rights and Economic Democracy
Ramzy Baroud
‘Justice is Indivisible’: Screams of Israa Ghrayeb Should Be Our Wake-up Call
Jill Richardson
It’s Not About Your Straws and Your Light Bulbs
George Wuerthner
Montana’s Wilderness Deficit
Colin Todhunter
Officials Ignore Pesticides and Blame Alcohol and Biscuits for Rising Rates of Disease
Volker Franke
Me First and the Loss of Compassion
Adolf Alzuphar
Why is the Left Without a Single Elected Official in LA?
Kim C. Domenico
All We Are Saying, Is Give Peace A Chance (Bring It Home!)
Jennifer Matsui
The End of Aquarius and The Dawn of a Death Star: Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
Missy Comley Beattie
Never Forget
James Haught
Prodding ‘Nones’ to Vote
David Swanson
For the First Time in My Life I’m Against Impeaching the President
Nicky Reid
Yemen as Arabian Vietnam
Kenn Orphan – Phil Rockstroh
Bearing Witness at Aeon’s End: the Wound Becomes the Womb
Fred Gardner
Homage to the Tabloids
Yves Engler
RCMP Attempt to Silence Critics of Trudeau Foreign Policy
Stephen Cooper
Hempress Sativa: “Rastafari Should be Protected”
David Yearsley
Joie-de-Job: Staying High, at Work