June 2024

Misogyny and the Attacks on Bodily Autonomy

Prabowo Subianto, Cuddly Mass Murderer

Israel’s Willing Executioners

The End of the Innocence: Railroading Marcellus Williams to Death Row

China Combats Climate Change. The U.S., Not So Much

Antarctic Ice Melt – New Sobering Studies

The Altalena Affair: Is Israel Heading Towards a Civil War?

Assange is Finally Free as America, Britain, Sweden and Australia are Shamed

The Not-So-Great Debates

Assange’s Release: Exposing the Craven Media Stable

Bribery Case Touches SCOTUS In A Tender Spot

Bowman Was Defeated by a Toxic Blend of Zionism and Militarism

Liberal Zionism: Gatekeeping Criticism of Genocide

Two Years After Dobbs, Women are Still Fighting to Reclaim Their Rights

Old Mole Comes Back

Red Earth Farms Is Proof That Intentional Communities Can Succeed

An Election in Danger?

How Venezuela Is Overcoming the US Blockade

Merle Haggard and the Lost “Free Life”

Trump Wants to Make Coal Mining Jobs a Big Election Issue and the Washington Post is Ready to Help

Kenya Protests: Why Ruto Pulling the Finance Bill is Unlikely to Satisfy Angry Young Protesters

The Racial Wealth Gap is Persistent…and Growing

First Kenyan Forces Arrive in Haiti as Part of Latest Foreign Intervention

The Debate Was About Theatrics, Not Public Policies

We Need to Take Trump’s Threat to Deport Millions of Migrants Seriously

Zeus Filled the Streets, Markets, Seas, and the Heavens

Journalists Shouldn’t Just Repeat What Politicians Say. They Should Investigate It

Partenope by the Bay: Handel in San Francisco

Sandy Koufax and the Lost Legacy of Brooklyn’s Lafayette High School

Architecture of Cities: Birds of Prey

No Balm in Gilead

From Stonewall to Blair Mountain

Growing up in Nuseirat – Where Massacres Become Routine

Debate Doping: Tour de CNN

The ‘Israel Lobby’ Works for the US Military Industrial Complex

With Any Luck, American Voters Will Win in Thursday’s Debate

DINA: Pinochet’s Directorate for Murder and Torture

Assange’s Freedom Is Also Ours: To Tell the Truth

Mask Bans and the Age of Pandemics (and Fascism and Climate Crisis)

Growing Discontents

Canada Fails to Uphold Binding International Law

Watch Out: The Hardest Decision You Have to Make May Involve Bait-and-Switch

Julian is Free

Silky Shah

The Release of Julian Assange: Plea Deals and Dark Legacies

The US is Mired in a Cold War Model From the 1950s

An AI Hell on Earth?

Gaza and Gazans Can’t Disappear    

Congress’s Nuclear Addiction

Air Pollution Is Killing Millions and Rising Exponentially—A Shift in Agriculture Can Solve It