Walk/Talk: the Remarketing of Joe Biden

 The other day, Joe Biden announced that he is going to Michigan on Tuesday, September 26, 2023, to stand with the UAW strikers. This is being seen and promoted as an unprecedented action by a sitting president of the USA.

My first reaction was, Uh oh! Has he gone off-script again? How are they going to make this meaningless? Based on his last campaign’s numerous misleading and later unfulfilled statements, it is highly likely that whatever he may seem to promise, the strikers had better prepare for Biden and Company to find a way to hollow out any projected substance. Maybe he will use the visit to try to convince the workers that all of their losses are because of China blah, blah, blah…. I wonder if he would go so far as to use the bipartisanly promoted and beloved war in Ukraine to try to guilt the workers into submission. Clearly, Biden’s handlers need him to get to the workers before Donald Trump gets there with his clumsy, self-intoxicated, belly-dancing circus of huffing blather (which hides the fact that he and Biden are overwhelmingly united in their priorities).

I cannot help but suspect that these visits by both of these leading contenders for Chief Blood-stained Navel Lint Picker Inc. is because there is talk that the strikers are gaining concessions from Ford corporation and that it is possibly putting a little pressure on GM and Stellantis. Maybe Ford needs the distractions to help provide an opening for backtracking.

This led me to remember that it was almost 16 years ago that then-Senator Barack Obama told an audience in South Carolina that “as president” he would put on some “comfortable shoes” and he would join workers if they were being denied the right to collective bargaining. As far as I know, the great huckster Obama has never, in these nearly 16 years, found a reason to join any workers in a picket line.

The reason I bring this up is that Joe Biden – who has a history of saying he has done things that he never did and has regularly undermined middle-income and poor people through supporting neoconservative/neoliberal legislations that favored elitist predators over those people–now wants us to think he is a cat who is changing the presidential spots (a Trump tactic). Clintonian/Reaganist’s monetized purring has whatever meaning will work at any given moment for the benefit of their owners and/or for themselves.

I will be amazed if Joe Biden goes to Michigan and takes a real stand against the gross arrogance and greed of the same sort of corporate powers that he has, within the past year or so, once again, worked to protect from the justified complaints of the railroad workers. His history (and that of his supposed bipartisan predecessors over the past 40-plus years) leads me to suspect that he is trying to psychically channel the pretentious Obama or that he is trying to out-Trump Trump or that his declining mental state is now going to be at the forefront of his campaign (in order for the democrat insiders to dictate a substitute candidate for 2024 and reinvigorate the moneymaking drumming dread of Trump once again).

Biden is now a progressive?

I am writing this essay because, by doing this, Biden seems to be acting out of character and I cannot help but suspect that when the other shoe drops, there is either going to be some kind of insistence upon numbing silence or we are going to be witnessing another major (possibly scandalous) distraction, or worse. While Biden has long tried to prove that his name rhymes with the words bloodbath and corporatist, he may be able in this campaign to make even greater misleading promises to the workers because he may know that he will not be there (one meaning or another may apply) in the presidency in 2025.

The great fraud Trump is milking this announcement as proof that Biden is following his lead. Why any worker would want to have either of these two neolib/neocon fakers show up at a justified protest by the autoworkers is beyond me. It seems unmistakable to me that both of these hucksters and their corporate-owned “parties” are aligned with the abusive systemic arrogance which has produced the situations which have led to the workers needing to strike.

I strongly suspect that Biden’s controllers in the White House are up to something more nefarious than usual. To me, based on history, this maneuver not only does not pass the smell test, it reeks of cynicism and manipulative gesturing.

Biden is now a progressive?

It is a doubly bad indicator to me that both Trump and Biden are acting like they want to help. I hope the autoworkers are able to read the fine print, but then, it is likely to be written with the same old “ink” which evaporates into the democrat’s and republican’s currently preferred toxic type of fumes.

Go ahead and call me cynical but, because I prefer that we learn from history, I can only hope I’m proven wrong (and I do so while remembering what “Hope and Change” looks like in the neolib/neocon clubhouse of proud deception).