Bringing the War Home to the Border to Make Imperialism Great Again

Image of Trump wall art.

Image of Alejandro Cartagena.

There is no use arguing that Donald Trump hasn’t existentially altered the conversation on war in this country and sweet Kali knows that I’ve tried. I’ve been crying bullshit in all caps on that swinging bologna salesman’s phony isolationist, Pat Buchanan-with-dick-jokes act since he crashed the GOP primaries on his golden escalator in 2016. The man is a pathological liar with a long and well documented career of saying quite literally everything and anything to make a buck and keep his cojones out of the fire. Just try taking a jog through the ruins of Atlantic City without a fully automatic Uzi if you don’t fucking believe me.

Orange-Man-Bad’s America First strip tease was just his latest sales pitch but after eight years of George W. Bush and another eight of his mentholated doppelganger, Barack Obama, a lot of disgruntled conservatives and independents were just pissed off enough to buy it, hook, line and sinker. This included one of my heroes, paleolibertarian muckraker and co-founder of, Justin Raimondo, who literally went to his grave believing that Donald J. Trump would be the man who brought American conservatism back to its populist non-interventionist roots. Watching that brilliant son of a bitch go down with that ship is one of the most painful things I’ve ever witnessed but he was only half-wrong.

Donald Trump may have turned out to be every bit as ghastly and cravenly opportunistic as I smugly predicted he would be, increasing civilian drone strike casualties by 330% and overseeing a Saudi holocaust in Yemen which claimed the lives of over 300,000 starving peasants, but that walking jack-o-lantern did succeed in lighting a fire under right-wing isolationism that has significantly altered the DNA of America’s bipartisan combat addiction. Trump may be full of shit but the wave of rural disgust with America’s runaway war machine that he inadvertently gave license to is not and the recent wave of conservative dissent against Joe Biden’s reckless proxy war in Ukraine proves it.

Pew Research has found that 44% of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents believe that America is sending entirely too much murder machinery to that hopeless death march to a third world war and that number seems to be growing daily. The opportunistic money changers in both the GOP and the right-wing media sphere have recognized this trend and some of them are cashing in.

Before running afoul of his corporate overlords, Tucker Carleson built a veritable tabloid empire trashing transgender freaks like me while simultaneously cussing out the wars that I’ve been raging against since he was busy deep throating Deepak Chopra on CNN. This included trashing Trump himself when he bombed Syria and apparently even talking him out of a full-scale air war against Iran. It was a crazy Malcolm McLaren-esque gamble that would eventually blow up in Tucker’s face and send him to the wilderness of whatever the fuck twitter self-identifies as this week but if the almost exclusively conservative opposition to a nuclear holocaust in the Wild Steppes proves anything it’s that he and Trump were following the money even when the system wanted to pretend that it didn’t exist.

This is the real reason why Wall Street sewar mutants like Rupert Murdoch and Dick Cheney despise the MAGA phenomenon and it’s actually the same damn reason why Wall Street sewar mutants like Hillary Clinton and Ted Turner despise the Bernie Sanders phenomenon. Because even a fraud can be a threat to the status quo when they empower the peasants to revolt against it. Now we have to contend with the bizarre spectacle of confirmed rapists and Zionist fuckboys like Matt Gaetz and Ron DeSantis chumming the waters of the partisan zeitgeist with brazenly antiwar legislation and campaign promises. I can just hear that old bastard Justin Raimondo now, hissing in my ear “I told you so!” before bumming another cigarette off Ayn Rand in the fires of hell.

But spectacle is not always reality, and you don’t have to scratch the GOP’s newfound isolationist rhetoric very hard to smell an illusion. While half the GOP may be running for reelection on cutting arms shipments to Ukraine, the entire party remains frighteningly united on redirecting them much closer to home with an open shooting war at the border. This terrifying bait-and-switch was made revoltingly graphic by the new lord of isolationism himself, Tucker Carlson, during an interview he did for the Blaze with 2024 GOP Primary darling, Senator Tim Scott.

After rightly trashing Biden’s recent decision to mobilize 3,000 reserve troops for possible deployment to Europe, Tucker exposed the real color of his peace flag, and it was anything but white. “Why not build a human wall with say, the reservists who were called up to go defend Ukraine- why wouldn’t they be defending our border?” To which Scott responded like a good gimp with a drooling, ball gagged “Yup.” before Tucker continued his messianic call to literally bring the war home to the Rio Grande. “If you’ve got millions of military age men coming into your country and hundreds of thousands of Americans are dying, why is that not the job of the military to stop?” After swallowing this salty load whole, Scott responded with another grinning, snaggle-toothed nod of approval, and I dearly wish that he was the only one.

Sadly, this isn’t just some fringe position performed to turn on the Proud Boys. Even the most supposedly non-interventionist Republicans seem to be lockstep behind this insane plot to fight the failed War on Drugs with the failed War on Terror and it has become an early benchmark of the 2024 Republican Primaries with Donald Trump’s only real challenger, Ron DeSantis, taking it to the edge and shoving it off with a demented proposal to conduct unilateral raids deep inside Mexican territory to disrupt fentanyl manufacturing , with or without their government’s consent, along with throwing down a naval blockade on their ports to intercept raw materials from China.

Yep, that’s right folks, the “isolationists” want to declare war on Mexico and the neocons and neoliberals do to. Longshot Ziocon heartthrob Nikki Haley has joined her critics in the chorus by calling to send US Special Forces into Mexico to attack the cartels “just like we dealt with ISIS.” And none other than Hillary’s 2016 VP pick, Senator Tim Kaine, is pushing bipartisan legislation to have fentanyl declared a “national security threat” as we speak.

I shouldn’t have to tell you people how this tragic comedy ends because it already fucking ended with Plan Colombia, a Clinton/Bush era military crusade that was supposed to cleanse the Andes of the great white scourge of cocaine. The only thing it really achieved aside from mugging taxpayers of billions of dollars was help Colombia’s despicably corrupt police state to expand its presence deep into the farthest reaches of the Amazon Jungle where they carried out multiple genocides against indigenous people who had the misfortune of existing on territory slated for rape by American mining conglomerates. In one final twist, Coca cultivation and cocaine production actually increased as it turned out that the fascist death squads that Plan Colombia armed and trained were far bigger pushers than FARC and Escobar combined.

But the American war machine has never really been all that interested in results. They’re much more interested in justifying their malign existence to an electorate that has clearly grown to hate their fucking guts. They achieve this goal by making war feel personal to the average, naturally isolationist, American prole. In 2001 that meant exploiting their own blowback at Ground Zero on 9/11. A lot of people forget that old Dubya actually ran against Al Gore in 2000 as a quasi-isolationist promising an end to feckless globalist campaigns like Clinton’s “humanitarian” disaster in the Balkans. Then a few Saudis chucked some jetliners into Manhattan and the feeding frenzy began all over again.

In 2024, the closest thing the war machine has to 9/11 is the Fentanyl Crisis. Another colossal clusterfuck of imperial blowback brought on by Big Pharma and Big Prohibition. Their hope is to sell forever war back to MAGA isolationists by cleverly labeling it as a matter of territorial integrity. But if paleos foolishly believe that this thing is going to stop with a few drone strikes in Sinaloa then I have some swampland in Guantanamo Bay to sell them.

We are talking about declaring war on an entire black-market industry here. An industry that reaches far into the Heartland and employs hundreds of thousands of American citizens, most of whom are just desperate addicts trying to get by. We are also talking quite glibly about expanding this war to China by blaming a rising superpower for our nation’s appetite to alter its own consciousness just because Beijing happens to be home to the labs that make the best precursors for our current fix of choice.

Long story short; once again, all roads lead back to derailing the Eurasian Century. Rabid animals like Tucker Carlson and Ron DeSantis don’t want peace and isolation. They want to make America great again and prevent a nuclear confrontation with Russia by making forever war great again on our own borders and provoking a nuclear confrontation with China. This isn’t populist regime change; it’s imperial rebranding and you people should be smart enough by now not to buy this trash for the fiftieth goddamn time in a row. Justin Raimondo weeps.

Nicky Reid is an agoraphobic anarcho-genderqueer gonzo blogger from Central Pennsylvania and assistant editor for Attack the System. You can find her online at Exile in Happy Valley.