What Wasn’t His

Am I alone in my perplexity?
This case seems to lack complexity.
The answer to a simple quiz?
The Chief Thief took what wasn’t his.

To make the case more rarefied,
The things he took were classified.
Top Secret This, Top Secret That….
Why anyone could smell a rat!

Then, served politely with subpoena,
While toward compliance most would lean. A-
gain, the Chief Thief chose to lie
Instead of moving to comply.

His minions joined him in the ruse.
F.B.I. requests refused.
“There’s nothing left,” they baldly stated.
“All’s been returned, securely crated.”

But, of course, this wasn’t true.
As, of course, they surely knew!
Even worse, some docs were moved
From the locked up storage room.

Some were sitting insecurely
In the desk of Chief Thief Squirrely.
Any guest or employee
Could sneak a peek presumably!

Empty were some secret folders.
Any thoughts re docs new holders,
Damage done by hostile forces
To our methods and our sources?

One last thing deserves a mention.
I’d assume that some detention
Would occur should I decline
To return what isn’t mine!

Carolyn McGiffert Ekedahl is the former Deputy Inspector General for Inspections, Central Intelligence Agency and co-author of “The Wars of Edward Shevardnadze.”