When Truth Exposes the Unspeakable

I photographed this billboard on September 19, 2020 in Portland, Oregon.  Three days prior to this, Portland, Oregon had  the worst air quality in the world, as a result of raging killer Climate Fires throughout the  state. President Donald Trump believes thatGlobal Warming is a hoax. Millions of Americans are directly influenced by his opinions.

As you look at the large billboard sign in the picture,you will notice that someone attached a banner with an added message to health care workers who have risked their lives to care for COVID-19 patients. The banner reads: ” Trump Betrayed You With Death.”

Donald Trump told Bob Woodward on April 5, 2020,   that the pandemic was going to be ” horrible and unbelievable.” But, he claims, he did not want to tell the public this horrible truth, because he was afraid it would set off panic. So, he lied to the American people on a daily  basis about this deadly virus, which cost the American people critical time to adjust their lives to this profound emergency.

COVID has now cost the lives of more than 200,000 people in this country, and that death toll will continue to rise as the months go by. The suffering and grief that millions of Americans have  experienced over the past 8-9 months, has been far beyond the scope of human comprehension. It has been a world of  anguish. To this day, Donald Trump does not wear a mask, as   the merits of wearing a mask, and social distancing is still under discussion. The people who hear him speak in public also do not wear a mask, nor practice social distance.

On Donald Trump’s presidential watch, the USS America hit an iceberg, and the lifeboats were never lowered. As captain  of the ship, Trump got on the ship’s intercom and told us all that  we were not to worry, as we were all safe, and this would all pass.

Donald Trump reminds me of a 10-year-old boy waving around a loaded pistol.  He is the most dangerous man in America. He Betrayed every single person living in this country.  President Donald Trump is a killer.


Mike Hastie served as an Army Medic in Vietnam.