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Do Not Light That Fuse DNC

Chicago delegation to the January 8, 1912 Democratic National Committee – Public Domain

Recent leaked audio indicates that Donald Trump feared Hillary Clinton opting for Bernie Sanders as her VP choice in the last election cycle. This alone should create a situation that would cause the DNC to realize the viability of a Sanders candidacy this time around, but obviously a win for their “team” is not the objective of the DNC.

Continuation of a status quo that simply benefits the 1% as well as their 5% bootlicking accomplices is clearly what Tom Perez and his ilk are in it for. It’s a greedy short-sighted narcissism that willfully ignores that rapidly deteriorating quality of life for the vast majority of Americans. The debt based system, both unwritten and unnavigable, create a social immobility trap that couldn’t be more effective if it was laid out as based on royalty and hereditary titles. The genius of this system is that it places the blame on the individual, and with it the burden of guilt for failure, reflected in the terribly high rate of depression, substance abuse, suicide and other indicators of a populace in pain. The notion that it is a systemic disorder is not considered by most Americans. Well, until recently, that is. Awareness is a bitch for the oligarchs. Another indicator of pain and a descent to the lowest order is the lashing out of many with racism and bitterness, all issues simmering in this melting pot of increasingly toxic ingredients. The notion that a hierarchy of the worthy is simply sick and a source for all societal ills is the truth of it, but it remains the cemented centrist model that the DNC continues to push. This worldview leads all the way up to planetary climate annihilation, but heaven forbid a voter ask Biden a question about such things. His response: the glowering, bullying of those used to getting their way is but a small example of what Perez and others like Pelosi push daily. When you begin to accept that only some are worth healthcare, only a few deserve to have a freedom in life beyond subsistence, free from gnawing worry that one misstep will make them homeless or unable to pay for care to save their life—this is what their DNC models create, polish and serve up. But they do it like Pelosi in saucy red coats and sunglasses so it looks kind of fun to those into superficial, but ultimately enabling sass.

The DNC types loathe a candidate like Sanders, who is pretty fucking middle of the road compared to nations with more extensive social safety nets–those  countries scoring high on……well, happiness. They make him sound like a unicorn salesman or maybe a perpetual motion machine huckster. This is all simply gaslighting. This, in a nation that spends in the trillions for a bloated military killing machine. This in a nation, that has powerful anti-gravity hair care products and brilliant orange foundation that take two hours to apply. How can this all be true at the same time?  It’s not true is the thing of it. It’s all a creation to keep you in your place, and it’s all unnecessarily cruel. Taking care of each other should be the basis of human contact and civilization. That isn’t what the empty souls and empty suits of the oligarchy want for us, though. So we are set up to battle each other like poor roosters thrown in a pen.

Anyway, recent Tom Perez product placement at the DNC for the 2020 Democratic National Convention Committees include Barney Frank, Maria Cardona, John Podesta, and one assumes the reanimated corpse of Ayn Rand. Because you know, identity politics R US– she’s a woman and an immigrant, right?

The Bernie supporters will not be having it this time. As his forceful campaign surrogate, Nina Turner indicated ….ummm, nope.  I’m sure frenzied background rigging is going on with an eye to make sure there is a contested convention, bringing in the secondary superdelegate voting. The rigging will not be anything but obvious and the Sanders supporters won’t go along this time. This sets up a situation that would handily play into Trump’s hand. Any violence and chaos could be met with him implementing his own fascist “emergency measures”. I am not saying the Sanders supporters will be violent, the ones I have met and caucused with were pretty freaking gentle people, but even widespread protest and such— the setting is ripe for mayhem or even false flag situations created by Trump and company (“Reichstag Fires Playbook” is probably on Trump’s nightstand or at least by his toilet). In short, the DNC will be responsible for handing the nation over fully to a fascist lunatic if they insist on cheating. And the sad state of things is that……I don’t think they care. Their family wealth will remain the same. And yours will remain the same too. As in….not so good.

The talk that the DNC rigging will bring about the implosion of their party is just part of this. It could very well bring about the implosion of entire 2020 election. Does anyone really consider that Trump would exercise any type of restraint in such a situation? If the convention becomes violent….? And who could blame the Sanders supporters for refusing to allow this violation again? Many have fully immersed their hopes for things to improve with his campaign, donating money they couldn’t afford with the desire that something could get (even marginally) better in this nation. Once again, it’s tragic because what Sanders offers is so minimal compared to what is required. That said, he’s miles ahead of anyone else. If he wasn’t drastically different, they wouldn’t be so nervous.

Some may say that the implosion of the system is what is needed, and this would be a fantastic outcome, but they are entertaining a view that some sort of grass-roots rebellion could then take place and a new life affirming system could be forthcoming. I fear it would just increase the misery and a Trump 4th Reich situation could come into being. Would anyone want to see what a Stephen Miller unchained would like to do? Those of us who dissent would probably be turned into glue for him to eat.

This tinderbox is in DNC hands. Very manicured, soft hands that prefer to grasp glasses in wine caves to this seedy incursion against their mental health. History will look at them as the catalyst as well as accomplices for a rapid descent into fascism should they continue down this path. Anyone looking down the highway at the horizon can see this wreck about to happen.

Many think that cryptic remarks from Hillary Clinton in a recent interview indicated that she already knew who would be the nominee. Maybe she does know…. perhaps the DNC is at it– rigging a little here, rigging a little there, rigging, rigging, rigging away to get to that second round of voting. Then they could just anoint Biden. Clinton could be placed in the VP slot in such a scenario as well. That could explain the recent Hillary metastatic eruptions in the news. Biden doesn’t seem up to a full term because of why, why, why, why problems (if you haven’t seen that why, why, why video, you should give it a watch). In effect it could be pushing her forward as the candidate. He could step down rapidly due to health concerns. The love of her is only slightly higher than the popularity rating for the Corona virus so of course that would fail if we even went to an actual election (and that’s assuming a lot with the thought that violence and chaos of such a scenario could easily give Trump a way out of an election). Trump could indicate a state of emergency that would just never seem to end. It’s obvious he already does what he wants with basic impunity. The pussy of the country would be grabbed for sure, but this time he wouldn’t let go. The DNC needs to let this play out organically to avoid giving Trump this gift.

The DNC centrists, inept as they seem, are sadly in a place of power at this time. Their idiocy and self-serving behavior could put us all at risk of something far worse than the Trump fiasco we have going on right now. They could serve up exactly what he and his supporters have been craving from the start. Full and unquestioned power.

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Kathleen Wallace writes out of the US Midwest.

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