The House is Not a Home: a Common Sense Proposition

Now that the House of Representatives case for impeachment has been made as the public hearings have concluded, it is assumed that a vote to impeach must follow. For those who believe that Donald Trump is unfit to serve as President, there is a far better option. Don’t vote in the House of Representatives, but rather ask the people of the country to vote their verdict on November 3, 2020.

Voting to impeach will lead to the foreseeable result that the Senate will acquit Mr. Trump and thus hand him a political gift. “No obstruction, no collusion” will become “Acquitted. Completely innocent. Hoax. Witch-hunt. Fake news. Corrupt Liberal Media conspiracy against the will of the people!”

Ousting this would-be dictator will be hard so we must be strategic and smart. Rather than let Mr. Trump play victim, the Democrats should distill the facts for the public in the form of a closing argument referring to the public as the members of the jury. When the Republicans conclude their indefensible defense of Mr. Trump the House leadership should hold a press conference in which they rebut the Republicans claims and make their case directly to the public. Call on the people to tell Congress “if you won’t do your job then we will do it for you.”

Remember that the Republican leadership in the Senate stole the Supreme Court seat of Merrick Garland and handed it to Brett Kavanaugh. Learn the lessons of the past; play to win for a change. Make your case for impeachment directly to the people rather than to a corrupted Congress.

William A. Cohn, a member of the California Bar, teaches critical thinking in Prague and online.