Disabusing Big Brother’s Dark Cloud

I have over 4,000 emails, pictures, addresses, SNS
What? How’d you manage that one?
Zuck: People just submitted it.
Zuck: I don’t know why.
Zuck: They “trust me”
Zuck: Dumb f*cks

Mark Zuckerberg , – chatting with an unnamed friend.

Over the last 12 months, I have seen five different managing directors refer to their own clients as ‘muppets’, sometimes over internal email.

Greg Smith, former Executive Director, Goldman Sachs

The technotronic era involves the gradual appearance of a more controlled society. Such a society would be dominated by an elite, unrestrained to traditional values. Soon it will be possible to assert almost continuous surveillance over every citizen and maintain up-to-date complete files containing even the most personal information about the citizen. These files will be subject to instantaneous retrieval by the authorities.

Zbigneiw Brzezinski


Over 40 Questions asked here by a ‘Little man’ in ‘Oceania’, sense of Reich and Orwell respective, ‘life under a dark cloud’ refused.

The language would be beyond such ‘dark cloud’ which would deny questions, phraseology and ‘eclecticism’ – as such an ‘Elaborated Code’ as Basil Bernstein proposed deployed.

The ‘Restricted Code’ of such as ‘Newspeak’ rejected as but synonymy of a sic transit to ongoing ontology of Empirical origination which apperceived as a dark cloud far from any sane interpretation of  ‘Gloria mundi’.

This small article seeks to pierce the ‘dark cloud’ of hegemony which austerely as panopticonically and phenomenologically  is reducing ‘existence’ to ‘subsistence’ at a Geopolitical level:  ‘biodiversity’  is therefore contended for as much as for ‘Eros‘ permitted – and ‘Thanatos‘ held in contempt such the ‘Counterpunch’ construed.

Reich’s distinction between ‘Orgone‘ and ‘Oranur’ such pierce as ‘burst’ of cloud and as to eclecticism furthered as resistance has to be acknowledged.

Prolegomenon ends.

That the ‘Age of the Anthropocene’entails a ‘dark cloud’ of Corporatist arrogation and expropriation  become truly ‘obscene’ was, and remains, predictable?

The abusive phrase ‘Dumb f*cks’as parallels ‘muppets’ when applied to Humanity expresses a neoliberal orthodoxy where extent of ‘hegemony’ illustrated in the Market Capitalization of ‘Dumb f*ckdom’  and ‘muppetry’  (‘Facebook’ approx. 482 Billion and ‘Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.’  approx 95 Billion, respectively) – this, as much as ‘Big Brother’ as ‘Corporatist’ operates under numerous aliases in ‘the cloud’ so darkened;   and to a synonymy which pragmatic as would not be recognized for what it is; such the devil in the detail of a ‘racket’ disguised?

Here ‘dark pool’ has to be recognised as a subset of ‘ dark cloud’ as much as ‘social media’?

Add to such technologically facilitated ‘dark cloud’ such as Amazon’s ‘Alexa‘ and one begins perchance to detect a political  trend as to dark cloud formation consistent with the facilitation of a ‘watching’ purposive to a control and manipulation as characteristic of a highly Dystopian ‘society’ – this  latter term used despite such as Margaret Thatcher’s denial of the existence of same?

Is it permissible for a ‘D*mb fuck’ or ‘muppet‘ to ask such a question under such a dark cloud of panopticonic nature?

This is not to say that ‘d*mb fucks’ or ‘muppets‘ should be so apperceived – let alone further abuse of same permitted under the corporate cultivation of profit -and certainly such could not occur in anything remotely approximating ‘Democracy’?

‘Dumb f*ck or muppet?’ is not legitimate to morality such the ‘either/or’ as expresses a shameful reduction to point of ‘profit’  rationalized as entails a transfer of resources ‘aspired’  towards, such the pathology as necrotrophic?

Real ‘profit’; alongside ’empathy’ and ‘equality’ and ‘trust’ other than as to be abused, is something alien to the utility of a dark cloud?

(There is a purpose in such alienation as much as marginalization – as much as there a purpose in the ‘death of thought’ as Orwell defined ‘orthodoxy’?)

Much more preferable, such the refuge to disguise necessitated as proven effective, is ‘dark cloud’ as hegemony sycophantically accepted by way of ‘either/or’ as represented by the question:

‘Are you a ‘Republican’ or a ‘Democrat’?

– Now there a ‘wrong question’ as per Pynchon of ‘true meaning’ to be clouded or obfuscated under synonymy of ‘panopticon’ indeed – to but some crafted absence of resonance of

‘I’m not a number, I’m a free man!’?

That is; can an abused majority of ‘Dumb f*cks’ or ‘muppets’ so apperceived as under Corporatist dark cloud ever comprise, such the ‘hope’ as denied purposive;  any remote synonymy of ‘Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness‘ or, as the French say, ‘Liberté, égalité, fraternité‘ such the ‘cultural hegemony’ as  Gramsci explicated?

As Upton Sinclair sublimely explained aspect of ‘dark cloud’ thru transfer of resources and contingency:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it?

We in the 21st Century ‘live’ in a world where such ‘pragmatism’ is, alas, paramount; such the rape ideological as much as material of the majority accordant to ‘contingency’ wielded – and where there a further storm  brewing Geopolitical concerning control and issue of ‘currency’? A currency as ‘contemporaneity’ as would be of such terrorising and fearful magnitude as would, such the obscenity, such the racket, reduce the majority to but parallel of ‘Dumb f*ck or muppet’ – and where the objective of obfuscation under such abuse of trust a ‘ transfer of resources’; to wit, the ‘imprisonment profited from’ as recognized in the question:

‘when you can’t tell your arse from your elbow, then they’ve got you by the balls‘?

– When a ‘False Flag’ from a ‘True Flag’  cannot be distinguished between such the ‘Cui Bono?’ as ‘Casus Belli’ so  constructed; then the pragmatism of the control and issue of ‘currency’ as extrapolated upon evidenced?

– Let alone that same cannot be even questioned, such the hegemony dominant, as ‘power of mind over mind’ as a sine qua non of the ‘dark cloud’ as would deny truth under demand of ‘illusion’ as much as obfuscation?

Where exactly does such terminology as ‘conspiracy theorist’  and ‘subversive‘ stand to hegemony resisted by way of ‘intelligent’ questions as oft derivative of ‘Cui Bono?’

Nota Bene the ‘value’ of Roman terminology evidences the proposition that plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose?

For ‘dark clouds’ as much as ‘psy ops’ as but ‘abuse of trust’ have always been around as much as humor  corresponds to a utility as defined by Martin Luther?

-While there so ‘little’ as concerns the natural desire to reject obscene reduction of the self way of a transcendence of the ‘either/or’ as ‘dumb f*ck / muppet’ expresses the control and issue of currency extrapolated  upon as technologically facilitated;  there a  growing punitive aspect as ‘negative valence’ to such ‘speak up against’ ; such the ‘stick side’ of cultural hegemony as  ‘adjunct’  to the rewarded ‘speak up for’, such the polarization as a transfer of resources represents the rationale of illusion; this  to amount  of the ‘Zeitgeist’ as ‘irony of the times’ so controlled and issued as includes or demands the ‘carrot side’ of contingency as Upton Sinclair succinctly explicated?

‘Ironic’ – because the etymology of the word ‘Zeitgeist‘ includes reference to ‘spirit’?

A spirit as much as a freedom of expression which would be denied to the Demos;  which would be ‘crushed’ as eliminated under an ‘Either/Or’ as pragmatic, as under cultural hegemony as technetronic, this, to the panopticonic reduction of ‘society’ as but an ‘Animal Farm’ of Corporatism; as but some ‘cumulative’  transfer of resources attained product of the ‘sweating of assets’ comprising a ‘cacophony’ of abuse as would herd a collective of ‘dumb f*cks’ or ‘muppets’ so reduced; such the ‘squeeze of the pips’ by way of ‘squeak’ attained under a collective psychosis whereby ‘biodiversity’ so limited as to ‘marginalization’ and ‘alienation’ evidenced, such the storm as whereby a mere ‘kakistocracy’ ascendant as a form of ‘kleptomania’  at a Geopolitical level facilitated under a  ‘pragmatism’ as demands the abuse of trust – and as terms such as ‘dumb f*ck’, ‘muppet’, Üntermenschor ‘goyim‘ rationalize such divide et impera  –under a ‘dark cloud’?

People are dying; creatures ‘great and small’ are dying to such control and issue of ‘currency’ as under a ‘dark cloud’ as would grow even darker?

What the f*ck is it all for; all this immiseration inflicted contemporaneous, this cheapening of Life, this denial of ‘community’ as much as of ‘society’,  this ‘Thanatos‘ as opposed to ‘Eros‘, this ‘rush to judgement’ so terminal; this ‘apperception’ so crafted by way of hegemony under the greed as apparently insatiable of a pathological minority?

‘Incarnation’ is ephemeral, thank God- does it have to be for the majority as for ‘biodiversity’ meaning ‘premature’ death demanded; so cut short, so abbreviated such the ‘Utilitarianism’ of ‘Ecocide’?

Whatever happened to the idea of ‘Live and let Live’, of a ‘fair share’?

Whatever happened to ‘Brotherhood’ as ‘Eros‘?

Then again, ‘War is a Racket’ as Smedley Butler claimed – the ‘ascendancy’ of Corporatism over Democracy inevitable under an evolutionary trajectory ‘determined’ by singular embrace of Empiricism as an abrogation entailing the obscene concept of ‘collateral damage’ as demands the failure to distinguish ‘baby’ from ‘bathwater’ such the ‘cultural hegemony’ as further demands a ‘throwing out’ as a euphemism such as ‘Military Industrial Complex’ (MIC) represents a synonym of ‘dark cloud’?

Is there a profit to be realized in a ‘deep underground military bunker’ as ‘DUMB’ such the promise for but a few as elite, such the death demanded, such the darkest cloud (see below) to be evidenced?

It is not ‘Fun’, such the ‘Dumb f*ckdom’ and’ muppetry’ as would be inflicted upon  the majority by such a small minority to be ‘here’; such the epiphenomenon as so reduced, such the world  as in a ‘Welstanschuung’ constrained so as to ‘the power of mind over mind’ as to a hitherto un experienced level prevailing, such the paraphrase of Jeremy Bentham as epitomises ‘Utilitarian’ philosophy  as ‘Corporatist’, whereby a ‘Felicific Calculus’ so inverted to a necessarily ‘hidden agenda’;  in as much as the ‘greatest good’ become for the ‘smallest number’, such the parallel as ‘Dumb f*ckdom’ or ‘muppetry’ pragmatic can be phrased succinct as under such Orwellian transfer:

‘War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength’?

Such the ‘Dark Cloud’ as obfuscates and conflates, as much as transfer of resources facilitated under an ‘Orthodoxy’ solicits not just the’ death of thought’ but the death of ‘biodiversity’ to an abrogation become hegemonic as much as to a decreasing ‘carrot’ as to an increasing ‘stick’ wielded ‘politikal’ commensurate – such  the austere imperative as ‘ transfer of resources’ but euphemises?

Yet there ‘Life’ remnant even under such a dark cloud as become ‘digitized’ such the ‘either/or’ as ‘zero or one’?

There still ‘blue skies’?

-It is as to that sense of Empathy; that Love for Life which would not be denied; that division as would not be facilitated, that look upon the ineluctable beauty of ‘nature’ such the humility which would not be so constrained by control and issue of ‘Currency’; that grasp of ‘eternality’ as the stamp of the pragmatic boot as would be to a parasitism enforced – if only against ‘division’ denied such the absurdity of ‘Divide et Impera’ recognized?

Such the absurdity as yet ‘Game Worth the Candle’ remains?

For ‘We’ constitute a consciousness, a world beyond the reach of ‘Thanatos‘; a world beyond a tiredness as pragmatic so calculated as precipitated as inflicted?

A world beyond illusion as ephemeral as frustrated way of ‘imagination’ constrained; a world far beyond the dark cloud of pragmatic obfuscation? A world we would not see under a dark cloud as much as not live within such the ‘cheapening of life’ as ongoing purposive, such the pragmatism as ‘Transfer of Resources Inc.’ would have it?


‘Panopticon III is affordable, effective, and available to anyone who wants to use it. Initial purchase prices and monthly service fees are equivalent to cell-phone costs. In less than five years, the cost of continuous surveillance of a single individual has dropped from several hundred thousand dollars per year to less than $500 per year. Surveillance formerly justified solely for national security and high-stakes commerce is readily available to track a spouse, child, parent, employee, neighbor, or stranger?’

Dobson and Fisher, ‘The Panopticon’s Changing Geography’

As was written over eight years ago, such the costs given as do not reflect the cheapening of ‘life’ subsequent to ‘economy of scale’ under growing darkness of a bigger dark cloud; a bigger ‘Big Brother’, a bigger ‘Big Science’ – and an even bigger abuse of trust facilitated?

The concept of ‘Noosphere‘ as enunciated by Pierre Tielhard De Chardin is apposite; this as much as ‘thought powerful as a resistance’ against the dark cloud which would, as engineered, ‘obfuscate’ as something so evident form of corollary that ‘Humanity’ seen but an exploitable asset to be ‘bought and paid for’ such as understanding denied as Upton Sinclair states succinct; and understanding as by way of ‘spirit’ evidenced in such rebellion as denies the materialism of Empiricism by way of metaphysical speculation exercised to cry of ‘Remember Martin Luther!’:

‘F*ck you satan, and the at least  four Horses you would ride into ‘Town’ upon under such a dark cloud- because Truth transcends illusion as much as Peace much greater than war, Freedom much greater than slavery, and Strength is not ignorance!’

And, apropos such division under dark cloud put aside as much as ‘knee jerk’ and ‘rush to alienation of potentiality’, benign thoughts such as:

‘May the infinite power of Goodness Bless all Mankind, May all that lives be Blissful, may all Living Beings be Joyful‘?

not to be despised as marginalized such the ‘power of mind over mind’ as a dark cloud epitomises?

– That such sentiment as much as questions be viewed as ‘subversive’ reflect ‘End Times’ of a transfer of resources from ‘Eros‘ to ‘Thanatos‘, such the technologically facilitated darkening of a  ‘cloud’  as ‘Incorporates’ the abuse of ‘Dumb F*ck’ as much as of ‘Muppet’ to a trust abused; this so it goes as in the ‘Python Song’  by Robert and Richard Sherman such the neoliberal jungle as much as Urban which  ‘silver mist’ euphemises:

Slip into silent slumber
Sail on a silver mist
Slowly and surely your senses
Will cease to resist?

The ‘share of the cloud’ as ‘alternative media’ represents diminishing as schemed under hegemony  alas, such the darkness growing purposive as to intimate  a ‘final storm’ whereby ‘mushroom cloud’ the  darkest form to be assumed, such the ‘Thanatos‘ as fissional to a divide et imperaas much as ‘Eros‘ fusional denied, such the ‘Big Science of Big Brother’, such the ‘Utilitarianism’?

Such alas, the Empiricism as facilitating a ‘dark cloud’ as much as a ‘technotronic era’ as ‘final’- sense of ‘End Times’?

Stephen Martin can be reached at: stephenmarti@yahoo.com