When Boot Becomes Bot: Surplus Population and The Human Face.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever

— George Orwell

The abiding grace of the human face yet remains in moments of empathy – and therefore an ‘evolutionary’ challenge posed under imperative of immoral economics as to stamp of boot?

Is such cheapening of life to attain apotheosis in concept of surplus population such the tragedy of illusion as can lead to ‘Genocide’?

The succinct vision above by Orwell surely proven prescient as much as polymorphous by way of instanced – thus accordant the many aspects of the face of humanity as currently in process of being disfigured beyond all point of recognition?

Technology can assist the pragmatism of ‘memory hole’ as boot stamping – as Zinn’s ‘People’s History‘ evidences resistance against same as aspectual of human face to ‘History’?

-There little now left of the human face of Capitalism alas, as of Carnegie once contended it possessed?

The bond economic between entrepreneurial investment and wealth distribution, courtesy of innovation as expressive of technological determinism and plain greed euphemized as resource transfer, this shrinking rapid – and to such contracting dialectic of production/consumption to which debt acting as a prop under ‘profit’ so conceived any remnant of human face at risk of elimination primarily by way of further implementation of death of thought aka orthodoxy (neoliberal) –  the tools to achieve being nascent under the paradigm of Empiricism which capable of seeing and ensuring only ‘the fittest’ as ‘superior tools’ survive, such the austerity?

Perchance the Luddites had a point?

Certainly Thoreau did -such the ‘Lo!’ – for: ‘boot’ to become ‘bot’ such the evolution of tool?

What we as become ‘tool of our tools’ left with in the 21st Century, accordant the Corporatism, other than perpetual war, such the concentration of power in the military industrial (corporatist) complex as commensurate the debauch of currency, such the illusion projected by way of the abuse as manipulation of belief pragmatic: but occupants a mere prison/plantation form of ‘click built’ panopticon as growingly incorporative, such the power of the mindless over the mindful, such the paraphrase of Bentham; such the stamp of the boot technological as deterministic product of a truly hellish phenomenological gift known as ‘Empiricism’  –   and meaning ‘boot’  to become ‘bot’?

But for typographic error as concerns ‘ducking’ for apples as Dorothy Paker – such the Freudian sleep?

Empiricism or Science as main aspect of masquerade here: because predisposition towards lack of empathy thru division and classification occurs expressive of hierarchical organisation as under technological determinism; and that it does so silent; beneath cranial structure containing neurophysiology effected as much as ‘What’s in a word’? –  this as entailing a conditionality of perceptual manipulation as leads to controlled consensus – as much as learning words to ‘speak’ enjoins assassination of potential as stamp of the boot; such the ‘objectivity’?

Perchance Cratylus had a point?

The unattributed author of the remark as to history’s actors and how the world really works certainly did?

The ongoing destruction of the ‘human face’ as to prison of debt by way of currency such the stamp, and the growing fear consequential, such the power wielded over the Demos of being unemployed and homeless – this a prison of divide et impera where no such thing as ‘society’ or ‘social welfare’ permitted; a prison/Corporate plantation where the concept of surplus population leading as inevitability by way of abrogation towards Genocide – this reflecting the vision of Orwell of a boot stamping on a human face in perpetuity?

‘Ain’t Rock’n’Roll’ as of Bowie Sang?

In ‘stead’; a prison where private interests control and manipulate by way of illusion as confidence trick – and in which there a growing ‘death row’ of inmates or debt slaves as ‘dead men (proles) walking’  – though we know it not?

For ‘usury’ but a cold and heartless selling of the future way of the imposition of sufferance as divisive and as to ‘care not’ – the ‘greatest’ form being that of control and issue of currency?

The proceeds of usury as debauch of currency known as by ‘The Pound’, ‘The Dollar’ and ‘The Euro’   manifestly having been applied accordant to sponsor Corporatism as an illusion; the illusion of variety, the illusion of competition, the illusion of ‘firm foundation’ to value, the illusion of ‘fair and impartial’ when it comes to Corporatist mainstream media, the illusion of political representation of the people as ‘Demos‘ when it comes to Corporate power as the ability to debauch currency – such but  serving to disfigure the human face as purposive?

Illusion which come to be epitomised by the oxymoron of ‘Corporate Social Responsibility’?

The illusion that life matters for some more than others thereby embraced such the spawn synthetic?

There many ‘conspiracy theories’; one particular favorite these small quarters, basis of alma mater  shared probably, of Robison as ‘composed’ in the 18th Century: the point  being the boot as stamps as per Orwell’s vision as veridical no product of mere ‘happenstance’ but rather expressive of a pragmatic as cynical control and manipulation founded upon expropriation of resources and arrogation of rights, and which come, commensurate, to represent the degeneration of Capitalist Democracy to Corporatism within the paradigm of Empiricism as ‘objective’; and as  to abrogation of humanity – such the transfer of resources as euphemizes quote by Conrad given below – such the extent of facial disfigurement recognized?

As empathy still exists?

The ‘love of money’ being synonymous with the ‘love of power’, such the Satanism, such the Ponerology; such the root?

Do we ‘exist’ under a determinism which extrapolates upon ‘few rotten apples’ as being all it takes, such the boot as stamps facilitated?

Beneath the sewer pipes so constructed delivering stamp as contemporaneous of false news as synonymous of ‘crimethink’, corrupt politicians, militarization of policing and a growing perception,  as to hegemony such the debauch,  of surplus population – and as to war so  further explicated way of  ‘complex’ there a growing degeneracy which only the concept of evil can ‘explain’, and this out with the objectivity of Empiricism – yet it remains as inalienable right we share; some part of eternally abiding grace of the human face, individuals can yet exercise and express moral judgement – and there platform in ‘cyberspace’ as can yet facilitate ‘Counterpunch’?

The radical concept of ‘Political Ponerology’ remaining so – because of an eclecticism which would see Empiricism transcended, which would recognise evil as a force – and as aspect of a spiritual dimension to existence acknowledged, such the ‘human face’?

It must be remembered that Politics synonymous with moral economics?

‘Hegemony’ as control and manipulation of what politically correct and permissible a variation of ‘Newspeak’ as Orwell detailed – and as included in concept of future so apperceived of boot stamping upon human face; there being a particularly insidious aspect to the constraint of freedom of individual expression thru ‘prohibition’ of language and derogatory stereotype which certainly of utility by way of stamp the totalitarian boot?

‘Political correctness’ as control and manipulation being but as further stamp upon the human face?

For, as to prototype of the ‘future’ by way of boot stamping and explication of the meaning of surplus population as a horrific concept, one must look towards the Apartheid State of Israel?

Every homeless, unemployed or underemployed American or European (or Afghani, Iraqi, Libyan, Syrian, Yemeni) is as parallel to Palestinian such ‘sense’ as to economy based upon moral degeneracy reflected in a growing apartheid which sees some life as worth more than others – this in defiance of Democracy as purposively degenerated; and under such degeneracy the capability of seeing some life as part of the human face as surplus presence to be removed under ‘Geopolitiks’, such the ‘boot’?

Is ruthless neo liberal orthodoxy propagating superiority of the ‘free market’ but a rationalization of the criminal racketeering form of Ponzi scheme parallel resultant in such abominable moral austerity of the devaluation of human life as prevalent in the Western World inherently evil?

Is this a ‘wrong question’ as Pynchon proposed?

For beneath the underbelly of such austerity made which would be as Zeitgeist contextual lie so many abominations which must be censored such the stamp: the human trafficking, the abuse of children, the drug trafficking, the ‘rites of sacrifice’, the merging of criminality with respectability which the control and issue of currency cannot permit ‘access’ to – for such cheapening of life as debauch acknowledged form pornographic would be too much for us to bear; this form of explication by Conrad’s Mistah Kurtz:

‘The horror! the horror!’?

– For the tragedy of the heart of darkness such sense:  the boot which stamps on the human face is satanic; it occurring as to a contingency determined by the nepotistic – and in truly ponerological context?

As an ordinary man, no more, no less, the question remains after over half a century of a life transgressing the boundaries of 20th/21st Century: why is it that when fellow, ordinary man so seen and experienced as benign, that such a bloody mess is being made of civilization?

Why, O why, does the boot continue to stamp on the face of Humanity?

Empiricism was a truly hellish gift, such the small print of determinism as caveat emptor ignored, and as Locke and Hume could now testify?

When, for example, Gorz wrote his Utopian work ‘Farewell to the Working Class’ he was not aware of the degenerated meaning of ‘Farewell’ as in process of becoming replacement by way of technological displacement ; whence ‘boot’ become ‘bot’?

In other words:

‘Hello surplus population – goodbye working class’?

Such, the stamp upon the human face, by a boot to which morality extraneous – this, no product of Empirical ‘objectivity’ – as aspectual the death of thought?

The fact is, like it or not, Empiricism, or Science as boot in process of handing further spread of ‘rot’ by way of facilitation to an already  thoroughly poisoned ‘barrel’ courtesy the fatal conjunction of ‘Robotics’ and Artificial Intelligence’ (AI)?

What Hudson delineates so well as ‘Junk Economics’ is aspectual of the stamp of the Orwellian Boot upon face of humanity in detailing the ignorance which neoliberal orthodoxy is?

A transcendence of illusion motivated by the further transfer of resources from poor to rich which has taken firm foundation and stamped upon reality it till it bears no semblance of ‘Truth’; money created from nothing by way of quantitative ease but as Keynes put it obliquely to as concerning economic law no more than one man in a million could understand; and, looming in such darkness, such the ballad of death (Moritaten) as danced to by way of stomp  become-  an executioner block of even greater share of albeit smaller pool as power facilitated by the impact of Robotics and ‘AI’ – such the gift when ‘boot’ become ‘bot’?

Because this the ‘choice’ as looming as to Thanatos prevailing over Eros in the Western World as cancerous politikal; and as to the ‘now’ – do the ‘one percent’ go for even greater share of smaller pie as metastasis; or do ‘they’ refuse the temptation of technological determinism as hellish by way of Robotics and AI – and as to the tool of ‘boot’ become ‘bot’ un-deployed?

Are they capable, such the stuff of orifice as clouds judgement as to pragmatism, of doing so?

Do they have choice- such the abrogation as ‘oligarchic collective’ entails ‘Tooldom!’ in a Kingdom of Fear?

‘Surplus population’ on the agenda accordant – an agenda which must remain ‘hidden’ such the triage to propaganda and as to collateral damage of Economic Warfare?

‘Triage’ sense of ‘do not worry, you will be okay’ as paramedic taught to say?

The darkness of Politics as become immoral economics by way of boot stamping inherently of Thanatos; being as by way of abandonment of Eros as abrogation of ‘human face’?

Taking a look around with your own eyes now means seeing Corporatism for what it is – and that nothing good comes of usury?

So many children have died unnecessary as you read the above, so many homes destroyed, so many communities eroded, so many more species placed at risk – and it not so far away really, such the stamp of the boot as devalues life, as human face stamped upon to point of being unrecognisable such the Thanatos?

– Can you feel the fear of being ‘surplus’ accordant?

Genocide is in progress in other than the West Bank, in other than in Gaza – but we must pretend otherwise by way of denial in order to ‘survive’?

–  Such the Hell as hand basket, we aren’t even supposed to be able to look at the map?


Thought was given to entitling this small article ‘The Zionist Boot’, or  ‘I, Prole’ or ‘I, Goy’ – the latter a paraphrase of Ken Loach’s excellent recent cinematic explication of what surplus population means by way of destruction of ‘Welfare State’ in the UK.

– There were to be quotes from ‘The Talmud’ as explicative of the religious zeal rationalizing the abrogation of stamp or stomp disfiguring or removing respective the face of humanity.

What prevented same, such envelope pushed, was a realization of hegemony as determines ‘currency’.

This not an acknowledgement of defeat -truth will out (!), so it goes.

Thinking of Orwell and his final major work entails wondering what he meant thru the character of ‘Goldstein’ and ‘Oligarchic Collective’?

Eric Arthur Blair, better known by pen name or nom de plume of George Orwell, died on 21 January 1950 AD of tuberculosis.

What a truly remarkable pathway his life evidenced by way of perspicacity?

– But that he did not see ‘Boot’ become ‘Bot’ and Proles permitted to live accordant?

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