January 2015

The King of Empty Gestures

Five Years of Citizens United

It Pays to be a Banker

Greece’s Fight Against European Austerity

The Anti-Russia Campaign Heats Up

The Ghost of Mubarak Returns to Egypt

Why is Hollywood Rewarding Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin for Glamorizing the CIA?

The North Korea Financial Sanctions: Same Shit, Different Decade

Lopez Obrador Back on the Battlefield

A Neanderthal Foreign Policy

Genocides, Not Wars

Memo to Jane Fonda: Will You Please Stop Apologizing?

Hope Dies Last: Obama’s SOTU Platitudes

Netanyahu and ‘the Big Lie’

Dual Citizens in Congress?

War and Peace, Revisited

Obama’s Soft-Core Pornography

How the USDA and Big Food Keep the Public in the Dark

Organizing Against Patriarchy

Charlie Hebdo & Terrorism

Chupacabras and Jose-Pablo Buerba

Revolutionary Communists in the US of A

The Rise of PEGIDA

Dirty Harry Goes To Iraq

George W. Bush’s Plunders

MLK, American Subversive

Exonerating the CIA

Ohio’s Anti-Green Suicide

Longing for Change

The Politics of Inequality

Honduras: the Failings of Neoliberalism

Applauding Israel’s Transgressions

Murdering Journalists…Theirs and Ours

Charlie Hebdo and the Return of the Postcolonial

Neutering Civil Rights History

Trolling Russia

Terror as Victim Rhetoric

The Search for Justice for Haiti’s Cholera Victims

A Response to Obama’s State of the Union

Why the CIA is So Eager to Destroy Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling

A Young American in Search of a Future

The FBI’s Dubious Record on Prosecuting Terror Plots

Juan Cole’s Anti-Communist Rant

Republicans Change Rules; Democrats Change Stripes

Jean-Marie Le Pen and the West’s Predicament

Are Plunging Petrodollar Revenues Behind the Fed’s Projected Rate Hikes?

Netanyahu and Europe’s Far Right Find Common Ground

Ukraine’s Lower Class Military

France Under the Influence

Dumb and Dumber in Ukraine