January 2015

The Philosophical Basis for Revenge Movies

Cuba Détente

An Indiana Community’s Fight to Save the West Fork of the White River

Beyond the Edmund Pettus Bridge

Winston Churchill: the Imperial Monster

“The Whole Damn System is Guilty as Hell”

India v. China: Border Games

On the Blizzard

Revolution, Counter Revolution and the Economic War in Venezuela

The Origin of Modern Terror and Crumbling Western Values

Greek Voters Have Tossed a Grenade

The Knighting of Prince Philip

The Conviction of Jeffrey Stirling, CIA Whistleblower

Unraveling the Mystery of Boko Haram

White House Threatened by Drones

Did the Greeks Just Re-Invent Democracy?

Leave a Little Light On for Me

Once Again on the Nuclear Warpath?

The NFL’s Anarchist Success Story

Producing War Heroes: American, of Course

Living in a Material World

What the AFL-CIO Did Not Say About Raising Wages

Obamized Again!

Ode to the Yellowstone River

Shill for American Capitalism

The First Global Festival for Anti-Capitalist Resistance and Rebellion

Obama’s State of the Mis-Union

Weaponized Speech

Navigating Union Representation

Pay Per Vote: the Wave of the Future?

The Abbie Hoffman of Occupy

Syriza’s Challenge

Charlie Hebdo and the Wisdom of Expression

Saudi Myths

“We are All Viet Cong”

Legalization in 2016?

Federal Prison Sentence Begins for Kathy Kelly

Five Years of Citizens United

Change is in the Air Across Southern Europe

Money for Stocks, Zilch for the Economy

The King of Empty Gestures

Greece’s Fight Against European Austerity

Why is Hollywood Rewarding Claire Danes and Mandy Patinkin for Glamorizing the CIA?

Memo to Jane Fonda: Will You Please Stop Apologizing?

A Neanderthal Foreign Policy

Hope Dies Last: Obama’s SOTU Platitudes

War and Peace, Revisited

Netanyahu and ‘the Big Lie’

Genocides, Not Wars

Lopez Obrador Back on the Battlefield