Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt

Rebecca Maria Goldschmidt is an artist and cultural worker engaging in place-based art and research projects. Her recent work reflects studies of cultural and land-based practices of her Jewish and Filipino ancestors. She is the co-founder of LAING Hawai’i, a heritage language preservation organization, and Program Director for Queer Mikveh Project. She received her MFA from the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa in Honolulu in 2020 and is pursuing her doctoral studies as a MEXT Scholar in Sculpture at Hiroshima City University in Japan.

Palestine Solidarity in Japan

Palestine is a Nuclear Issue – Why is Hiroshima Silent?

パレスチナは核問題 – 広島はなぜ沈黙するのか?

This is Genocide: All Out to End the War on Gaza

Esto es un Genocidio: Haremos Todo lo que Esté en Nuestras Manos Para Poner Fin a la Guerra de Gaza

これは大量虐殺です: ガザ戦争を終わらせるために全力を尽くします