Conn Hallinan

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A Foreign Policy of Delusion

Is Trump Moderating US Foreign Policy? Hardly

Blundering Into a War With China

Is Europe Heading for a “Lexit”?

Dispatches From the Edge Awards: When Reading the News is a Daily Adventure

India & Pakistan: the Unthinkable

The US Threatens Irish Neutrality

The Dangerous Diplomacy of Samantha Power

Turkey’s Coup: Winners & Losers

Dangerous Seas: China and the USA

The Big Boom: Nukes And NATO

The Brexit & Spain: Europe on the Edge?

Brexit Vote: a Very British Affair (But Spain May Rock the Continent)

The Spanish Challenge

A Very Brazilian Coup

European Union: a House Divided

Baiting the Bear: Russia and NATO

Terrorism: Then & Now

A Terrible Beauty: Remembering Ireland’s Easter Rebellion

Socialists Rain On Spain

Irish Shillelagh Austerity

Irish Voters Will Grade Austerity

Europe’s Left: Triumph or Trap?

Hillary and the Urn of Ashes

Spain Says “No”

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