Conn Hallinan

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An Af-Pak Train Wreck

Strategic Towns

Roman Roads and Modern Emperors

Brazil Flexes Its Muscles

The Honduran Coup

The Settlements and the Quartet

Dealing With North Korea

Shadow Wars

Swine Flu Fallout

The Coming Asian Storm

Georgian Plots?

The Afghan Rubik’s Cube

Europe in Crisis

Ethnic Cleansing and Israel

Death’s Laboratory

When Mind Wounds Don’t Count

Angels and Demons in Mumbai

The Syria Attack

A New Foreign Policy

Targeting Unions in Colombia

The Great Game in the Caucasus:Bad Moves by Uncle Sam

The Return of U. S. Death Squads

Georgia On My Mind

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To the Edge in the Middle East

The Brain Trauma Vets

Iran and Rumors of War

Ballots and Bullets

The Syrian Affair

Another Defining Moment in Iraq

Afghanistan: A River Running Backward

Notes from the Southern Cone

Desert Mirage

Religion and Foreign Policy

Have Gun, Will Travel

Bombing and Spraying Afghanistan

Guns, Foundations and Free Trade

Dark Plots in Byzatine Beirut

The Afghan Quagmire

European Missiles and the Camel’s Nose

The Price of Fire

The Right’s Stuff in Africa

Reporting That Paves the Way to War

The Vishnu Strategy

Shafting the Vets

Hunting Hugo

How the Irish Could Save the Middle East

Dumping Musharraf

China Under State Capitalism

The Gathering Storm