Five Activists Arrested After Attempting to Shutdown Travis Air Force Base for Fourth Time

Image by Art Koch.

In the early hours of the morning, a group of antiwar activists took on Travis Air Force Base, embarking on their fourth attempt to disrupt operations at the military installation that has directly attributed to the genocide in Gaza.

The group’s initial plan to block the main gate was quickly abandoned due to safety concerns as vehicles rushed past, many exceeding way beyond the speed limit. Instead, they positioned themselves at the side of the road, waving posters, flags, and a prominent banner bearing the message:


Another striking image was that of Aaron Bushnell, alongside his poignant final words: “I will no longer be complicit in genocide… Free Palestine.”

As daylight broke, law enforcement arrived, warning the activists of potential arrest if they violated any laws. Undeterred, the activists continued their protest, marching in the crosswalk during green lights and engaging with motorists stopped at red lights with their chants and placards.

By 8:00 am PDT, the activists had shifted their demonstration to the North Gate of Travis Air Force Base, disrupting traffic flow into the facility. The peace activists distributed leaflets explaining the purpose behind the action to the drivers stalled in the blockade. However, the Fairfield police arrived soon after and arrested five individuals around 9:30 am PDT.

Among those detained were Toby Blomé, Fred Bialy, Wynd Kaufmyn, Jacq Le, and Arthur Koch. Shockingly, Arthur Koch, initially a bystander documenting the protest, was also arrested despite not actively participating. Jacq Le’s attempt to intervene and clarify Arthur’s status led to her being forcefully subdued by an officer, aggravating a healing broken arm injury in the process.

Subsequently, all five activists were taken into custody, transported to Solano County jail, and held until their release at 2:00 pm. Upon their release, Solano Unity Network and Codepink members met them with food and support. However, one of the detainees noted that the police did not return her cash that was with her personal belongings, a common occurrence, according to local activists.

Fairfield Police provided the five with a May 13, 2024, court date. As their cause continues to draw attention, their actions underscore the immediate need for a permanent ceasefire, an end to the genocide in Gaza, and an end to the occupation of Palestine.