Freedom for Boris Kagarlitsky!

Image of Boris Kagarlitsky.

Boris Kagarlitsky – Image: Rabkor/YouTube

The below statement has been signed by more than 200 politicians, academics, journalists, artists and others from around the world. The statement organizers would like to draw attention to the statement produced by members of Boris Kagarlitsky’s family and anti-war Russians and encourage everyone to sign it at

On July 25, renowned intellectual and socialist activist Boris Kagarlitsky was detained and accused of “justifying terrorism” by the Federal Security Service (FSB) before being immediately transported to the city of Syktyvkar, 1300 kilometers from Moscow. There, in a closed hearing and without his lawyer present, a court ordered he be detained until his trial in late September, where he faces the possibility of up to seven years in prison.

The arrest and detention of Kagarlitsky has taken place within the context of a repressive campaign waged by the government with the intention of silencing all voices that oppose the invasion of Ukraine and its domestic policies. Since last year, the Putin government has dedicated itself to persecuting, jailing or forcing into exile recognised politicians, intellectuals and activists that have publicly opposed the war, as well as ordinary citizens that have expressed their opinions on social media. Kagarlitsky himself was labeled a “foreign agent” in May last year.

We express our solidarity with Boris Kagarlitsky and demand his immediate release, as well as the release of all those detained for political reasons.

Signed (institutional affiliation listed for identification purposes only)

Jeremy Corbyn, member of Parliament, UK; Slavjo Žižek, philosopher, Slovenia; Enzo Traverso, historian, United States; Maristella Svampa, investigator and writer, Argentina; Mónica Baltodano M., historian and social activist, Nicaragua (living in exile); Horacio Tarcus, historian, Argentina; Alejandro Bendaña, historian, Nicaragua; Raymond Deane, composer, Ireland; Stefanie Prezioso, Member of Parliament for Geneva, Résistons, Switzerland; Fernanda Melchionna, Federal Deputy for Rio Grande do Sul, Partido Socialismo e Liberdade (PSOL), Brazil; Juan Carlos Giordano, national deputy, Izquierda Socialista/Frente de Izquierda-Unidad (IS/FIT-U), Argentina; Sâmia Bomfim, Federal Deputy for São Paulo, PSOL, Brazil; Mercedes de Mendieta, national deputy elect, IS/FIT-U, Argentina; Luciana Genro, Rio Grande do Sul State Deputy, PSOL, Brazil; Josemar Carvalho, Rio de Janeiro State Deputy, PSOL, Brazil; John MacKay, Professor of Slavic and Film and Media, Yale University, United States; Kevin B. Anderson, Distinguished Professor of Sociology, University of California, Santa Barbara, United States; Susana Draper, professor, United States; David Roediger, University of Kansas, United States; Alina Bárbara López Hernández, historian and professor, Cuba; Patrick Bond, professor, University of Johannesburg, South Africa; Edgardo Lander, academic, Venezuela; Haroldo Dilla, director Instituto de Estudios Internacionales/UNAP, Cuba/Republica Dominicana/Chile; Claudio Lomnitz, anthropologist, United States; Martín Baña, historian, Argentina; Francisco Louça, university professor, Portugal; Ezequiel Adamovsky, historian, Argentina; Claudia Hilb, professor, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina; Daniel Aarão Reis, professor of contemporary history, Universidade Federal Fluminense, Brazil; Carolina Bruna Castro, professor, Universidad Austral de Chile; James Doughney, emeritus professor, Australia; José Seoane, professor and investigator, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pablo Stefanoni, journalist Argentina; Mariana Sanchez, journalist, Comité français du Réseau européen de solidarité avec l’´Ukraine, France; Vicken Cheterian, journalist, Switzerland; Hinde Pomeraniec, journalist, Argentina; Mariano Schuster, editor and journalist, Argentina; Jeremy Bigwood, journalist & historical researcher, United States; Yurii Colombo, journalist, Italy and Russia; Jaime Pastor Verdú, editor Viento Sur, Spain; Angelo Bernacchia, Castelvecchi press office, Italy; Peter Murphy, journalist, Australia; Cedric Durand, economist, France; Rehad Desai, filmmaker, South Africa; Fabio Felix, District Deputy in Federal District, PSOL, Brazil; Roberto Robaina, Porto Alegre city councilor, PSOL, Brazil; Luana Alves, Sao Paulo city councilor, PSOL, Brazil; Sarah Hathway, Geelong city councilor, Socialist Alliance, Australia; Sue Bolton, Merri-bek city councilor, Socialist Alliance, Australia; Howie Hawkins, former Greens Party presidential candidate, Ukraine Solidarity Network, United States; Eric Draitser, CounterPunch, United States; Nick Buxton, Transnational Institute, United States; Daniel Chavez, Transnational Institute, Uruguay; Hilary Wainwright, co-editor Red Pepper, UK;  Comunità dei Russi Liberi, Italy; María Lohman, SOMOS SUR, Bolivia; Israel Dutra, PSOL secretary general, Brazil; Mariana Riscali, PSOL national treasurer, Brazil; Leandro Recife, PSOL national secretary of formation, Brazil; Party of the Laboring Masses (PLM), Philippines; Brais Fernández, Anticapitalistas, Spain; Uri Weltmann, national field organizer, Omdim be’Yachad-Naqef Ma’an, Israel; Ashley Smith, Tempest Collective, United States; Simon Pearson, Anti*Capitalist Resistance, England and Wales; Sam Wainwright, Socialist Alliance national co-convenor, Australia; Jacob Andrewarthe, Socialist Alliance national co-convenor, Australia; Pip Hinman, editor Green Left, Australia; Susan Price, editor Green Left, Australia; Dick Nichols, European correspondent, Green Left, Catalonia; Jeffrey St. Clair, editor, CounterPunch, USA; Federico Fuentes, editor LINKS International Journal of Socialist Renewal, Australia; Camila Souza, Movimento Esquerda Socialista (MES)/PSOL leader, Brazil; Pedro Fuentes, MES/PSOL leader, Brazil; Bruno Magalhães, MES/PSOL leader, Brazil; Angélica Lagunas, former provincial deputy, IS/FIT-U, Argentina; Miguel Sorans, IS/FIT-U leader, Argentina; Javier Leonforte, IS/FIT-U leader, Argentina; Propuesta Socialista Panama (UIT-CI); Lucha Internacionalista (UIT-CI), Spain; Vivi Reis, former Federal Deputy for Pará, PSOL, Brazil; Dean Wareham, musician, USA; Jorge Adaro, teachers’ union leader, Argentina; Danilo Serafim, Trabalhadoras e Trabalhadores na Luta Socialista-Sindical (TLS-sindical), Brazil; Frederico Henrique, TLS-Sindical, Brazil; Etevaldo Teixeira, TLS-Sindical, Brazil; Stalin Pérez Borges,  unionist, Venezuela; Kiraz Janicke, union organiser, Australia, Gerardo Caetano, historian, Uruguay; Juan Ignacio Barrera, doctoral fellow, CONICET, Argentina; Maximiliano Barrientos, writer and  professor, Bolivia; Frank Mintz, anarchist historian, France; Claudio Ingerflom, professor, Argentina; Aparicio Alfaro, musician and university professor, Argentina; Ramiro Segovia, professor, Argentina; Pablo Sánchez León, investigator, Spain; Martín Bergel, historian, Argentina; Corina Leticia Mosti, professor, Argentina; Silvia Grinberg, professor and investigator, Argentina; Ignacio Sanchez-Cuenca, professor, Spain; Joshua Frank, editor and journalist, CounterPunch, USA; William A. Booth, historian, United States; Gilles Bataillon, sociologist, France; Andrés Gattinoni, professor, Argentina; Jorge Resina, university professor, Spain; Juan Carlos Celis, sociologist, Colombia; Jorge Escalante, sociologist, Peru; Vera Carnovale, historian, Argentina; Israel Lotersztain, historian, Argentina; Aleardo Ferrando, professor, Peru; Alejandro Grimson, professor, Argentina; Adrian Celentano, historian, Argentina; Breno Bringel, professor at the Universidad del Estado de Rio se Janeiro, Brazil; Marina Cardozo, professor, Uruguay; Irina Chernova, translator, Argentina; María Eugenia Sik, archivist, Argentina; Francisco Reyes, history professor and investigator, Argentina; Luis Hessel, social psychologist, Argentina; José Fernandez, professor, Argentina; Vanessa Teixeira de Oliveira, professor and researcher, Brazil; Diego Rojas, journalist, Argentina; Aleksandr Andreas Wansbrough, lecturer, Australia; Patricia Alandia, professor, Bolivia; Ana Elisa Wortman, Doctor en Social Science Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina; Laura Fernández Cordero, investigator, Argentina; Julia Tarán, interpreter, Spain; Ricardo Ibarlucía, philosopher, Argentina; Aldo Casas, anthropologist and writer, Argentina; Karina Jannello, librarian, Argentina; Marina Farinetti, university lecturer, Argentina; Lucas Domínguez Rubio, investigator CeDInCI-CONICET, Argentina; Oscar Cismondi, economist, Argentina; Claudia Zaldivar, historian, Chile; Bibiana Apolonia Del Brutto, faculty member in sociology at Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina; Alfredo Srur, photographer, Argentina; Art Young, socialist and anti-imperialist activist, Canada; Mariana Podetti, university lecturer, Argentina; David Copello, investigator in political science, France; Wayne Heimbach, community activist, United States; Noah Zweig, university lecturer, Ecuador; Ana Carolina Huguenin, professor, Brazil; Isaac Nellist, Green Left journalist, Australia; Cheryl Zuur, Ukraine Socialist Solidarity Campaign, United States; Adrián Gorelik, historian, Argentina; Emmett Doyle, musician, United States; Alex Bainbridge, Socialist Alliance, Australia;Ken Hiebert, retired, Canada; Michel Antony, community activist, France; Schaub Marie-Karine, professor, France; María Julia Bertomeu, professor and researcher, Argentina; Rachel Evans, LGBTIQA+ activist, Australia; Camilo Domingues, researcher, Brazil; Carmen Bottasso, retired, France; Vicente Ferraro, political scientist, Brazil; José Burucúa, professor, Argentina; Hugo Vezzetti, professor, Argentina; Malena López Palmero, historian, Argentina; Razmig Keucheyan, sociology professor, France; Ricardo Pasolini, professor, Argentina; Karin Baker, teacher, United States; Taylor Rojas Rojas, physiotherapist, Peru; Adrián Piva, investigator and lecturer, Argentina; Francisco Hugo Freda, psychoanalyst, Argentina; Rogelio Vilches, Masters in education, Chile; Gordon Doctorow, Doctor of Education, Canada; Hilda Paz, artist, Argentina; Horacio Zabaljáuregui, poet, Argentina; Maria Mikaelyan, Comunita’ dei Russi Liberi, Italy; Doucet André, retired, Canada; Rafael Mondragón, investigator, Mexico; Herman Pieterson, historian, Netherlands; Giuseppe Ponsetti, retired, Italy; Morella Ortiz, professor, United States; Michel Antony, historian, France; Gerardo Caetano, historian, Uruguay; Peter Boyle, Green Left journalist, Australia; Steffi Leedham, Socialist Alliance, Australia; Mercedes Petit, IS/FIT-U, Argentina; John Cozijn, ecosocialist, Netherlands; Alex Mejía Gómez, student, Mexico; Camila Mitre, administrator, Argentina…