There is Nothing Left in the Democrats

Increasingly over the past recent decades the democrat wing of the corporate program known as the United States of America has revealed that it is only separated from the republican wing by the types of deceiving words it prefers to use to appear as if it is something it is not. This use of deceptiveness is merely one more uniting feature of both democrats and republicans. Their style used to deceive and manipulate is the only variation between them. Their strongest uniting feature is the ever-increasing devotion to and implementation of the integration of ever-increasing military might and privatized corporate control of society.

The final sentence above is one of the central facets of fascism.

In numerous ways the democrats have become even more insistent than the republicans that violence and censoring are imperative ingredients in what they now only pretend is a democracy. Where the republicans prefer to embrace indifference and hubris toward the plight of the victims of capitalist perversities and predation, the democrats have embraced the use of words to deceive their victims/supporters into believing that they are above such crass cynicism when they are Not. This is especially obvious today in how the democrats and republicans posture in regard to their shared preferred method of using foreign policies to eat away at the wellbeing of the planet for the benefit of private predatory capital.

The gross goose-stepping for promoting and funding the current war in Ukraine has revealed the true character of the democrats and their allied republicans. The slightest questioning of this program results in slanderous accusations of seemingly treasonous corruption aimed at the questioner. This atrocious lust for confrontation and slaughter has ballooned without the slightest amount of effort to seek a diplomatic cessation of hostilities. We are Not to realize that Ukraine has been at war with its own citizens for years and that the US has been working for years to undermine the implementation of the two versions of Minsk Agreements. A confrontation with Russia is more important to the bipartisan (such as it mostly resembles a unity) fakery than any number of other, more beneficial ways that the approximately $90,000,000,000.00 might be applied. It seems a Bernie Sanders leftist democrat is the same as a Lindsey Graham kind of leftist.

You want a living wage and a healthier environment?!! Sure, we’ll do that for you right after we arrange more slaughtering for private profits. In the meantime, help us kick this bloody can down the road.

Another blatantly uniting program of the corporate-owned democratrepublican juggernaut is the obsession with promoting feelings of desperation under the now routine claims that elections are being stolen. They spout drivel about how they are defenders of “democracy” while they promote the idea that the voters did not decide the outcome of elections which occurred under their watch. While it is true that these carpetbaggers do not care about the priorities of the voters when they get into office and begin undermining the wishes of the voters, this is not enough for them. They need the voters to feel they have been violated by Russia, the proud boys, the supreme court, or whoever else they can use to create a passionate distraction which may be used for even greater sadistic abuses in the future. The republicans have their versions of similar carpetbaggery.

Consider the current obsession with promoting censorship. Whether it is social media or other corporately controlled media, no one is demanding the silencing of voices in the name of promoting authoritatively sanctioned messaging like the democrats. There is a very simple solution to the problem of people spouting rumors and superstitions on social media. Every post could have a declaimer stating something like –

Whatever you are seeing, reading, and/or
hearing may or may not be the truth.

Indeed, history has repeatedly shown that it is only realistic that all reports in the media deserve, at the least, to be regarded as possibly misrepresentative.  Look at the defamation cases (separately) filed against both Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson. Both Maddow and Carlson were exonerated by judges who stated that neither of them were to be believed as being fact-based journalists because anyone with any sense would know they were theatrical dispensers of opinion and hyperbole. Perhaps this is why they have both been so popular. They are the perfect representations of all of the professional political performers in the faking USA and they are among the most prominent examples of the the insidiously invidious loss of and disdain for integrity which is cherished by those who primarily identify as capitalists. The natural outgrowth of the unnatural. They all should come with the same sort of disclaimer as was presented above.

This sort of approach however does not have sufficient benefits for those who need to be seen as authoritative. Those who demand an authoritative approach in society are the enemies of democracy. Today, the democrats fervor for censoring people seems to stem from a delusional need to believe in their own superiority – which they now couple with demands for less tolerance (which stems from a need to promote more feelings of insecurity). International insecurity is highly rewarding for corporate profits and those profits have now long been the lifeblood of politics in the faking USA. The same corruption which led to Trump has now led to Biden. If you believe there is a vast difference between Trump and Biden or any of the other recent presidents and their parties, then they have succeeded in fogging your brain with delusions. If you don’t believe there is much of a difference and that then led you to vote for either of these hacks, that means you are as indifferent to their harmfulness as any other republican.

The security state has been created and inflated by the democrats and republicans because they prioritize money-making over human rights and the quality of life on this planet. Human rights are now merely the preferred bait they put on their hooks. They have made highly profitable careers through misrepresenting themselves and a technique of commingling heightened feelings of insecurity and fraudulent claims of national exceptionalism (superiority). This has been the preferred technique of so many other failed imperialist programs from throughout human history. In this version, like so many others, predatory accumulation of capital is their proof of the grace of god. The exceptional character of the current imperialist agenda is its pervasiveness and reach. It’s the widest spread contamination ever seen on the planet.

The truth is their greatest enemy. That is why they want Julian Assange and Edward Snowden to be tortured and imprisoned. Assange and Snowden bravely dared to show real facts which clearly revealed the rampant malfeasance of the corporately controlled bipartisan security state. That is why most “authorized” “journalists” are now reduced to being mouthpieces for the latest corporately promoted hysteria. If they dared to do real investigative journalism they know they would be punished by the state for revealing its “classified” corruptions.

When the majority of political operatives demands the liberation of and promotes gratitude for Assange and Snowden, then they may be worth a listen. As it is, Nothing about the democratrepublican pretense is trustworthy.